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For Sale: Two SOLA 1200 Lights

27 June 2012 - 11:04 PM

I have two Light & Motion SOLA 1200 Dive lights for sale. They are like new. IMHO, this is the most versatile light on the market. It's VERY light and compact weighing in at 10 ounces (about a half pound). The entire light fits inside the palm of my hand. In flood mode, they provide a VERY bright 1200 lumens of smooth, even lighting over 60 degrees with no hot spots (perfect for video). For situations requiring less light, you can turn them down to half or quarter power. In spot mode, they provide a water-piercing 12 degree spotlight that is perfect for night and low visibility diving. Maintenance doesn't get any easier. With a Li-ion battery in a factory-sealed case and external charging connections, you never have to mess with o-rings, grease, or swapping batteries. After your dives, simply rinse and dry them and connect the charger.

NOTE: In case you are wondering, this is the exact same light as the SOLA 1200 Video light. The only difference is the color of the cap and the SOLA 1200 Video light ships with a Locline mount instead of the padded hand mount. I am throwing in the padded hand mount, a pistol grip, AND a ball mount for attaching it to your photo or video rig at no extra charge.

The cheapest rate I have found on this light is $679, which doesn't include all of the mounts I am providing.

I'm asking only $575 each plus shipping. I will sell them invidually or as a pair. PM me with any questions.

Each light includes:
SOLA 1200 Dive Light
hand mount
pistol grip
ball mount
carry case
owner manual
original box & packaging