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06 May 2012 - 09:50 PM


Although most of WP's members are upstanding citizens, it is still an open forum and there are chances that there is at least one bad apple out there which can ruin the entire classifieds section.
Thus this thread was created to allow members who have bought/sold something in the classifieds to give feedback on the buyer/seller. This way other members can benefit from the positive/negative feedback.
As this is merely a forum, obviously Wetpixel denies any responsibility for any transactions that transpire through the classifieds. Further more, members are solely responsible for the transactions and disputes. If a member is known to commit fraud, WP reserves the right to ban the member outright.
So please, if you have used the classifieds for any transactions, please leave feedback about the transaction and the other party, after the sale. This is not a place to complain about a member if the deal DOESN'T go through.
As this list grows, the best way to search for feedback of a particular person is to do an advanced search of the person in the classifieds.
NOTE: To minimize clutter, please ONLY provide feedback and refrain for extraneous posts.
Happy transactions!

Great ,well said