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09 May 2012 - 08:07 PM

These photos are great. Are you still using a Nikon d90?

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07 May 2012 - 01:40 PM

Based on your interests you want a DSLR. Over-unders will be much easier (or rather, necessary) with a dome port + a fisheye lens, or even a really wide rectilinear. For the best video+ ISO performing Canon at the most reasonable price I would suggest the Canon T2I in a SEA&SEA RDX acrylic housing. Same price as the IKELITE but IMO better ergonomics + designed for fiber optic TTL which is SO easy and with a little fine tuning, reliably accurate with Inon strobes. Look for used for sure. Wetpixel/Ebay are the best, Scubaboard sometimes has DSLR stuff. Reef Photo and video also carries a ton of used stuff and is updated quite often, but usually a little pricier than classified ads The upside of going with Ssea&Sea or Ikelite for that matter, is that you can find used bits often.

Also, if you have not done so already, definately post a "WANTED" ad with a specific set up in mind. Make sure it is specific IE "Looking for Canon t2i housing, Ikelite or Sea&Sea preferred" You may be pleasantly surprised at the responses to a specified listing. If it is general, IE "looking for an UW housing" you are less likely to get a response.

I am a very budget minded uw photographer and all I can say is check the classifieds daily. Under $1000 is not really realistic. Shoot for under $2000. Mainly because good strobes like
the Inon brand that I mentioned, hold their value very well.

To save money you could skip the strobes at first and see what you can get using ambient light, then upgrade when you find the right deal on a good pair of strobes. Patience and UW photography have an undeniable relationship :P