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In Topic: recover formatted CF card

16 December 2013 - 08:07 PM

I know most your photos have been saved.. but i just wanted to feel included..


I use 'Recuva' from Filehippo.com its saved me a few times, also does txts, videos, and other formats..i find it works best if you right click and 'run as administrator'.


if and when these things happens best not to use the card again untill you have run some recoverry program,.



In Topic: Housing care - post rinse

11 December 2013 - 02:43 PM

We dive with cameras everyday, using 1 or 2 cameras (Patima housing Cannon 450D, and Cannon 60D with Aquanaught housing)  the cameras are put in a tub of fresh but normally stale ( days-weeks old) water, for about 5 minutes somettimes just a quick dunk and rinse, and maybe O-rings are checked daily but only removed to check about every month or so,


So far we havn;t had any leaks in the 4 1/2years due to failing parts (a couple due to the moisture muncher being over the seal when re assembling in the morning).


Perhaps using it daily is better as it doesn't let the salt crystalise in one place for long, maybe someone can clarify.


We assemble the cameras in an Airconditioned boat so humidity isn't such an issue for us, convenient as we live in the tropics.