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Hi ChrisD82,

first of all, there are no blue equivalents for the white Cree XM-L type of LEDs.

Replacing them with other LEDs may exceed the LED's and/or the torch's specs, which may cause damage to either, or both.

You may not even notice at first, it can be that the LEDs will simpy age much faster than normal and lose brightness rather quickly.

Moreover in many torches access to the LEDs can be difficult (e.g. the torch may be glued shut and/or require special tools to open) and the LEDs may be soldered in place through flow-soldering, which may be difficult to unsolder and even more difficult to resolder, because this is difficult to do at home and because you may not be able to get the parts out of the torch, or there may be others components soldered on such as SMD electronic components which might get damaged in the process.

Finally, replacing the front glass with a dichroic excitation filter is a very bad idea, because the filter's glass substrate is thin and brittle. It is certain to break at a certain depth and to flood your torch, probably ruining it, or at least the batteries and/or the electronics inside.

Often there is no space inside the torch for an additional filter, and having the original front glass coated by the manufacturer is expensive and tricky, some glasses have a protective coating which makes coating them with the filter impossible. And last but not least you have to know exactly which type of filter to apply/order.

Some torches are indeed easier to modify than others, the difficulty is finding them (without spending a fortune).

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05 July 2014 - 11:25 AM

Even more great info about underwater fluorescence and fluorescence diving can be found here: