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What setup for good rig buoyancy with Aquatica D7000?

26 June 2014 - 01:04 AM

I've recently changed from DS125's to Z240's and need to adjust my rig buoyancy.  It was ok previously but never really even close to neutral. 


My setups: AD7000, 2 x 3 inch arms with 1 stix float each, 2 x 5 inch arms with 3 stix floats each.  Macro port (manual focus) with a stix float belt, 8 inch dome, zen minidome. sola focus light.


In particular with the 105mm macro, the rig is still slightly negative but the port is light and wants to twist upwards.  Similar with the 8 inch dome (no float belt). Not too bad with the 60mm macro or mini dome.


I've seen a picture of a neutral nauticam d7000 rig and it was using inon mega float arms.  Anyone using those with an AD7000?


I would really like to hear what setup you are using if you feel you have achieved good buoyancy, whatever floats you use.