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In Topic: Lens choices for a MFT system

24 October 2014 - 09:02 PM

Hi Wolfgang,
That would be Cozumel for Underwater Digital Fiesta where I teach every April. 2015 will be our fifth year lots of fun and great people.
Charles, The E-M1 is Olympus top of the line pro camera and like the E-1, E-3 and E-5 only replaced about every four years. I would NOT expect to see a new E-M1 release before about Photkina in Nov. 2016.
I use the 60mm macro with +5, +10 and +15 C/U lenses. I also use the wider Panasonic 45mm macro with a +5. Dry C/U lenses (diopters) do not work well beaches the ports are designed to get the lens as close to the flat port glass as possible. The more mm between the lens and the back of the C/U lens the less magnification so it the lens sits back far enough in the port for dry C/U lenses it will to be as effective with wet lenses.
We all or most of us anyway came from DSLR cameras. For me it was a Nikonos RS film camera then Olympus DSLR cameras with the 43 sensor. I feel like the gains far out weight the losses and the M43 format is on par with APS-C cameras as a total system.

Encouraging comments; thanks Phil. MFT seems to tuck the boxes for me, but it seems like a big step. I'm off to have a look at some housings in the flesh, so to speak.

In Topic: Lens choices for a MFT system

23 October 2014 - 07:07 AM

Thanks for these replies. One of the attractions of the MFT system is the availability of a wide range of u/w suitable lenses.

What is the working distance of the 60mm macro? I was wondering about diopters too- is there the possibility of using a dry diopter, or just wet?

I'm still unsure about whether MFT is right for me, and how it will feel coming from dslr.
It also occurs to me that there might be a successor to the em1 before spring...

In Topic: Yet another DIY fibresnoot

21 March 2014 - 12:20 PM

Well, I didn't feel an especially strong need for two light sources. The black plastic which screws to the strobe face was made from a DVD spindle, so it had one hole.

In Topic: Which Eneloops to use with ys-110a...2000mAh or 2500mAh?

18 March 2014 - 10:54 AM

I have sets of both the white 1800mAh and the black 2500mAh cells in my Inon Z-240s. They both last at least 4 dives for me. My intelligent charger often reports delivering over 2000mAh to the white ones if I run them flat (I usually change the batteries before they go flat). I bought lots of sets, because I use them in lots of other devices, as others have suggested.

In Topic: 60mm Macro lens with Dome Port

18 March 2014 - 01:24 AM

It's silly: the dome pushes small subjects away and makes them very difficult to light. Using a very large dome is optically similar to using a flat port.
...... I might bring a 60mm and use the same port to avoid carrying a macro port as my memory of the life on the wrecks suggests that the odd macro image would be interesting.

Hi Tim,

A couple of questions: what makes lighting harder when using this lens with a dome instead of flat? Why would using a longer lens be better in a tight space- my instinct was that the smaller the space, the wider the lens ought to be?