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In Topic: For sale: 3 strobes, ikelite ports and connectors

27 May 2012 - 04:52 AM


Would take both DS-125's off you and the dual sync cord if you still have them. Or just one if that's all you have.

Possibly also the 8" dome, will have to check the fitting.

Can't PM you as only just registered but please PM me back or email aledDOTgreenhalghATgmailDOTcom.


For sale in the UK:

Sea and Sea YS-110 strobe + strobe mask set and Fibre optic cable - approx. 20 dives (GBP 330)
S/N: 052107670

2x DS-125
S/N first one: 3907 (approx. 50 dives)
S/N second one: 9290 (never used)
GBP 250 each one or GBP 450 for the two of them

Ikelite smart charger re 4063 (GBP 40)

Ikelite 8' dome port 5510.81 - bought for Nikon 12-24 - never used (GBP 170)

Ikelite 6' standard dome port 5503.55 - approx. 50 dives (GBP 80)

Ikelite dual sync cord ref 4103.52 (GBP 50)

Ikelite single strobe sync cord ref 4103.50 (GBP 30)

Happy to ship, or for collection in London or Kent.