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Cannon 550D, aquatica housing & 2 inon S2000 using fibre optic

16 June 2012 - 08:06 AM

My husband has recenly purchased a canon 550d from his Olympus E330 & he went for an aquatica housing. For travelling he thought that 2 inon S2000's would be ideal & connected using fibre optic. The first trip out the strobe power seemed very erratic one minute you would burn out & the next the picture would be very dark. We could not get a picture on ISO 100 but could manage on ISO 400? We thought it must be something simple like camera settings or the magents so we went to see a local knowlegable inon dealer who spent a couple of hours & was stumped as to what it could be. We are using a canon 60mm macro lens with the aquatica low profile macro port. Has anyone had any experince/problems or sucesses with this set up as it would be really great to get it sorted out.
Thanks for any replies. ;-)