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In Topic: Newbie Must Read: What new system did you just buy?

25 June 2012 - 11:29 AM

I have an olympus xz-1 available to me relatively inexpensively, and the olympus housing looks quite good, hopefully its a good camera for me! Only one way to find out I suppose

In Topic: Newbie Must Read: What new system did you just buy?

24 June 2012 - 05:44 AM

Hey there one and all.
Brand new here, and completely at a loss for where to go next. I figure this is probably the right forum for me just right now!

I'm faced with a conundrum of having about 250-300 to spend on a new camera for all purposes, but I am fascinated by the pictures people have shown me from trying underwater photography.
I'd love to find the right camera for me that is new person friendly, but also with scope for learning some more about the hobby.

I have had a look around and found lots of really nice cameras at that price, but inevitably they are reviewed as generic cameras (rather than for use underwater) and as soon as I find one that seems good, I can't find a housing for it, or the housing is way above what I could afford on top of that 300, for example I saw a beautiful camera at 280 that did everything I could have hoped for, and an internet search turned up no housings for it at all save one, which cost 5 times the cost of the camera. I cried a little on the inside and went back to the drawing board on that one!
Similarly when I look for a decent underwater camera via reviews and similar the cameras they sometimes point towards are older cameras which, when I search, I can't find a housing for.
I am struggling to find a review or recommendation for a camera that meets my wants of being idiot friendly and usable in a variety of settings (i.e is it still an easy camera to use day in day out without the case for general point and shoot-ness) and still provides me with a chance to learn a little more about underwater photography in general.
As for underwater use, i'd love the opportunity to take some shots at relatively shallow depths in tropical water. I am not really sure what the right questions to ask are, let alone whether I am asking them in the right place, and whilst I am sure nobody likes this question I am sufficiently unsure as to make it worth asking...
I'd really appreciate anyone who has had a similar decision to make give me their opinions on the sort of camera I should be looking for, and anything specifically to avoid.

Feeling quite overwhelmed at this point and very much in need of advice. I scrolled back through the forum listing on this subforum and found only 2 pages of threads, nobody had asked a stupid question in any of them which either means they're all well informed or I have missed the obvious.
Apologies for the ugly first post.