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ikelite 20d housing with ss400

30 May 2005 - 09:30 AM

Just got my Ikelite housing for Canon 20d and I am eager to get it wet. At the moment the only strobe that I have access to is Substrobe 400 as my DS-125s are being upgraded.

For some reason ss400 doesn't seem to co-operate with the housing. According to the housing manual you should be able to use this strobe given that the strobe is set to manual mode. The strobe just keeps beeping and doesn't fire.

I've tried different sync cords, 4103.51 ( the one with blue band), with no avail. The strobe fires if I use slave sensor (4100??) and trigger it with the built-in flash. The strobe also recycles normally after firing.

Any idea what is going on? Should I use different kind of sync cord? Camera settings to change? Custom function 7 is set to fire the strobe.

t-piece for Ikelite sync cords?

06 April 2005 - 10:24 AM

Is there t-piece that would connect two ikelite sync cords into one dual strobe sync cord?

I have a bunch of 4103.51 sync cords and would like to keep using them instead of buing 4103.52 cords. I am upgrading my housing to 20D which to my understanding requires dual sync cord inorder to use housing controls for controlling strobes.


Ikelite TTL slave range vs manual controller range??

24 January 2005 - 07:47 AM

Is there a difference between the range of Ikelite TTL slave (P/N: 4100.5) and Ikelite manual controller (4100.6)??

I've been playing with slave strobes while shooting photos in cave. My setup is following: camera with 2 * DS-125 with manual controllers and one SS200 with TTL slave sensor (4100) carried by my buddy. Sometimes I hand over one of the DS-125's to my other buddy, but I am having problems getting it to fire, if the diver with DS125 is more than 10 ft away from me.

With two slaves I get more depth in to the photos: