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New here, what gear will I need?

06 July 2012 - 05:30 AM

Hello there, I am not new to topside photography, but I am completely new to underwater.

I am looking to take very specific shots. I am not interested in any reef shots. I will not be scuba diving with the cam. I am looking to take shots similar to this:

Posted Image

and also half in and out water shots as well of fish and our boats. my questions:

1. will i need a strobe?
2. i currently have a Nikon D300 and i was thinking of getting a housing for this camera. how fast do the cameras come out of the housings?
3. can i still take topside pics with the camera in the housing or will i need another camera topside?
4. i am also interested in video. should i skip getting a housing for the d300 and instead get a d7000 and housing? or maybe a used 5d mkii and housing? i would love a d800 and housing, but thats too much money.

basically we fish a lot, and i am interested in taking pics and video of the fish boatside. here's my video page to get an idea: