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In Topic: Do I need a flash?

19 January 2016 - 07:25 AM

Hi Sarah


I'm sure someone who knows Canon lenses will chip-in - but one thought: the EOS Rebel T2i is, I think, an APS-C size chip, i.e., not an "FX" type sensor the same size roughly as 35mm, but slightly smaller.


Generally speaking, if you're relatively new to u/w shooting and macro, the advice is to use a shorter macro to start with on an APS-C camera. So (as a Nikon user) to start with a 60mm macro and then at a later date maybe move to a 105mm macro. The Canon EF100mm will be the broad equivalent of the Nikkor 105mm.


The longer macros are a bit trickier to use to start off with - and the shorter length gives good fish portraits as well as macro.


But doubtless someone will chip-in with helpful advice from the Canon perspective.

OP has a Sony RX100 compact. Where does the Canon SLR discussion come from?

In Topic: Upgrade my current (old) Canon G9 setup or replace it completely?

04 January 2016 - 11:09 AM

I don't understand the advice to "buy a whole set". I would absolutely invest in a strobe first and save getting a new camera for some time later. Neither one of the strobes you mention (I have one of each) will really limit you down the road. The Z-240 has the option of working with cameras without an onboard flash. That's the reason I bought it, but I've since decided I too am never going to take an SLR underwater and really the Z-240 is superfluous to me. I *have* decided I am more of a macro photographer than wide angle :-)

I've used the same set of strobes for a G10, G12, G15, E-PL5, and expect to use them on my next camera or two as well.

In Topic: Fish ID from the Red Sea

22 December 2015 - 11:57 AM

Thank you, Maractwin!

In Topic: Sync LR catalogs...

04 December 2015 - 07:43 AM

I do something like what you want and it works fine for me. I have two areas that I use BitTorrent sync to keep up to date between a desktop, laptop, and another backup


The first directory is LRWork. It contains various subdirectories which contain photos I am working on (recent shoots/trips). It also contains Catalogs/ and there I have my master catalog, previews, and smart previews. This directory is kept on my laptops internal hard drive so its always available.


The second directory is Photos which contains all my archived photos that I am "done" with. Most of those I have generated smart previews of which allows me to work on them if needed, but not generate a JPG sufficient for a print. That is kept on an external drive for the laptop and is only fully available when connected. 


BitTorrent sync happily keeps all of this up to date across machines. The only key is that you have to remember to pause syncing when you start Lightroom. If you don't do this, its possible to get a corrupted Catalog. Should that happen you should have backups and BTSync itself will keep old versions. It's happened to me once or twice and I was able to recover with minimal losses.





In Topic: Guide number 22 or 32 and so many other things....

18 November 2015 - 05:48 AM

Definitely something to consider. Different cameras & strobes have different capabilities.

My strobes (ys110) have 12 steps - they go from a GN of 22 down to a GN of 2. I never use them at the lowest power setting. I also tend to shoot at ISO 80.


The Inon-s also have 11 or 12 steps, but each step is 1/2 stop. I see that the YS-110 appears to have 1/2 stops on the low end and full stops on the bright end. But if I'm reading it right, probably does go 1-2 stops further down. 

I would love to shoot at ISO 80 or 100, but the Olympus mirrorless (at least the one I have) cannot go below ISO 200.