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#388544 Can ELI5 how S-TTL works?

Posted by Vondo on 19 October 2017 - 05:41 AM

This should help: https://reefphoto.com/kb.php?id=7Even if you had the manual, you'd probably find it almost incomprehensible. It's horrible.


TTL works by mimicking the TIME the strobe is firing. 


I've always just left the cancel circuit turned off because I usually shoot manual and definitely don't want to worry about going back and forth when I do shoot TTL.

#384622 Managing video files and work flow

Posted by Vondo on 01 June 2017 - 01:55 PM

This is what I use: https://github.com/mifi/lossless-cutThe interface is basic, but it gets the job done quick and without losing any quality. It may not work with all video formats.

#378846 Will TTL still work with 1/64 Built In Strobe?

Posted by Vondo on 17 November 2016 - 12:05 PM

I've got more or less the same setup (E-PL5, Z-240, D-2000). There are two possible options for you on the Inon strobes. Well, three:


0) Shoot manual

1) Use the E-TTL in which the strobe itself does the exposure. I've never tried this

2) See if, using the right setting of the magnet switch, you can boost the power of the pre-flash so that the main flash does not suck much out of the camera (this means setting the camera and strobe to TTL)


2) is incompatible with 0) which is why I don't use it.

BTW, you're not going to reduce "shutter lag" per se, but you can get the camera to fire more frequently with the 1/64th setting. However, you'd probably still end up with 2/3 of the frames dark since the external strobe won't be able to cycle as fast as the camera strobe (unless you are using very little power).

#378789 E-PL5 or E-PL6 Underwater mode Manual exposure

Posted by Vondo on 15 November 2016 - 06:18 AM

Thanks buddy. But the Malaysian Ringgit isn't strong...

Haha... I might have to make my own gear... Thanks

Ah, sorry. Anyhow, from reading up before I ordered my gear, I do think you can do what you want. Switch into the underwater modes to advance the zoom to one limit or the other and then switch back into manual or whatever. It'll be a little fiddly, but better than nothing.

#371380 Taking a Poll.. How many of you Check your Rig vs. Carry On?

Posted by Vondo on 10 March 2016 - 11:06 AM

Carry on my entire m4/3 system plus mask, dive computer, all batteries and charger. I wrap everything in a couple of days of clothes and put it in a roll-aboard. Always get a laptop in there and sometimes my regs.

#363641 Drowned Inon Z240 - anything worth salvaging?

Posted by Vondo on 27 July 2015 - 05:50 AM

If you just want the O-ring they are size 130. Available by the hundred for a few bucks.

#362292 Adobe Lightroom - New features release

Posted by Vondo on 16 June 2015 - 09:26 AM

You could try logging out and back in. When Lightroom CC showed up, I had to do that.

#362288 Adobe Lightroom - New features release

Posted by Vondo on 16 June 2015 - 08:24 AM

Here's a crop of a photo I did really quickly this morning. On the left is my standard treatment for haze, dropping the black level (to -50 in this case). On the right is de-haze at 45.


There is definitely some combination of contrast, black level and clarity going on there. What I thought was most interesting is that it looks like the color shifted too. This shark is more gray on the right.

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#361026 New Olympus 8mm and PT-EP10?

Posted by Vondo on 12 May 2015 - 01:43 AM

In reading the press release for the new 8mm fisheye PRO lens from Olympus, I see this paragraph (emphasis added):



Underwater Lens Port, PPO-EP02

This accessory is 15% smaller, and 30% lighter than the previous Lens Port, PPO-E04, for a more compact and lightweight product. When exchange the lens port on Underwater Case for the E-M1 (PT-EP11) or Underwater Case for the E-M5 (PT-EP08), a compact system with the M.Zuiko Digital ED 8mm f1.8 Fisheye PRO even underwater is available. 
The hood section can be removed to reduce waves for over-under shots. 
(Rear Cover (PRPC-EP02) and Front Cover (PBC-EP02) are bundled)


There are plans for starting a lens port exchanging service on Underwater Case for E-M5 Mark II (PT-EP13), for E-PL7 (PT-EP12), and for E-PL5/E-PL6 (PT-EP10), with the PPO-EP02.


A firmware update that adds the Underwater picture mode to the OM-D E-M1/E-M5 Mark II is planned to be released coincide with the sale of this lens. In addition to the traditional underwater mode, it will be possible to capture vivid underwater shots even in P/A/S modes without bluish tint.

Does anyone understand what the 2nd paragraph actually means? Will there be a way to make this new lens and port compatible with the older Pen housings?

#359158 Stix float belts and Olympus housings?

Posted by Vondo on 24 March 2015 - 08:28 AM

Has anyone tried this combo. My EPL5/E-PT10 is pretty front heavy, especially with a subsee lens hanging off the front. I've made it a bit better by cutting some floor cushioning tile into strips and wrapping it around the port, but it's too compressible. So I thought I'd look into the STiX stuff. 


I imagine it will be too big out of the box for my setup, but it looks easy enough to cut down to size to make something low profile that matches the port rather well.


Anyone tried this?




#358237 Thoughts on a g7x set up...

Posted by Vondo on 23 February 2015 - 12:40 PM

Hi Nick,


I just jumped ship to Olympus (E-PL5 and EP-PT10) after a long time with Canon. The housing is not much bigger in any particular direction than the Canon G10/12/15/16 housings. I've been really happy with this switch so far. The camera is much more responsive. You might consider that before thinking about even a small SLR and the Ikelite box.

#344617 Gratuity charges, optional or mandatory in the US

Posted by Vondo on 17 March 2014 - 01:58 PM


I find it offensive that you assume i have pulled the money for this trip off a money tree. I have been saving for a long time to go on this trip, long hours in work, night shifts and overtime!! So please don't assume what my circumstances are, the money means a lot to me as it does to them.


Another point that doesn't sit well with me is- if i provide a good service to a client i never get tipped, ever. However, i have to tip a waiter or a taxi driver?? Someone please tell me why i should, it's not an automatic right to be tipped. If they aren't earning enough, work more. That's what i do. I don't get handouts like many other services..


No doubt the service on this trip will be great and i will tip, i just don't like to be ask for it.


I don't assume anything of the sort about you. I work hard and long to be able to afford a trip too, but I look into what's expected of me and budget for it, not decide that I'm going to make some poor stiff work for free so I can get a 10% "discount" on my vacation. 


Re: "Work more." I'm sure it's different where you are (which is the cause of this culture clash) but waiters in the US usually make something like $2/hr and *share* their tips with the bartenders, bus boys, dish washers etc. At $2/hr you can't just work more and make a reasonable salary.  I think most taxi drivers rent their taxi and aren't paid a salary at all.


Look, this is all just a difference of how you pay for what you get. I can go out to eat in the US for less overall than I can when I'm in Europe. A lot less, usually, even after I've tipped my expected 15-20% on my meal. Whether its a tip, an 18% service charged added to my bill, or just a  high price where the proprietor pays a good wage, in the end its the same amount of money. The same is true of your live aboard staff.


As for the notice you received on suggested tipping amount, wouldn't you rather have them tell you that than to not think of it (because you are from a different culture) and then feel bad when you don't have the $$$$ and realize the boat staff just busted their butts for you for free for the whole week?

FWIW, when tipping on a trip I try to think about who's working for me and how much they "deserve" but in the end 10% total works out pretty close to correct. For instance, for a DM that helps you on the boat, $5/tank is considered in the US to be a minimum for decent service. Obviously their service is worth more if they point out good critters, help you with a big camera rig, etc. Maids a couple of dollars/night/person. I could go on, but on a live aboard or at a resort, there are people taking care of you constantly.


So rail on about what a bunch of jerks us colonists are, :-) especially the bosses, but don't make your dive master take the hit for it.

#338980 inon z240 pdf manual(type 4)

Posted by Vondo on 04 November 2013 - 09:57 AM

I can answer a few:


1. Never heard of this, never experienced it. I've certainly taken 10 full-dump shots within the space of a minute.

3. Correct, you must move the dial to full

#338970 inon z240 pdf manual(type 4)

Posted by Vondo on 04 November 2013 - 06:14 AM

I guess the OP has now figured out that the Inon strobe manuals are horrible and near completely worthless. There is a Reef (I think) article out there that is much clearer about what the various dials do and what settings you want to use for various configurations. Here it is: http://reefphoto.com/kb.php?id=7 That one page is so much more helpful than the word salad Inon puts out.


diverdoug, what questions do you have? May be best just to put them out here.

#337119 Ipad Help

Posted by Vondo on 17 September 2013 - 05:33 AM

I don't have a WiFi solution for you, but you can create a WiFi network with your Air. Just go to "Create Network" under the wireless symbol in your status bar.


You should have a program on your air called "ImageCapture" that will easily download images from an iPhone or iPad (or other camera). I use that instead of iPhoto with all it's attendant overhead.