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Ricardo V.

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#315845 Hello, I am a new member

Posted by Ricardo V. on 04 September 2012 - 05:51 PM

Welcome. I'm relatively new to this as well and like you, had been reading here and there and finally decided to create an account and officially sign in. There are many knowledgable and tallented people here- hope you find this to be productive and beneficial towards advancing your underwater photography and a platform for you to share any insights too.
Take care and much success in you endeavors.

#314873 Fiber optic trigger - D7000 and INON Z240

Posted by Ricardo V. on 19 August 2012 - 04:11 PM

I beleive it's a matter of preference. In my case, the traditional cables cost more, they require a higher degree of maintenance over fiber and the cables are bulkier, connectors are one more thing to flood proof and to worry about.

Fiber is light, flexible, durable and much more afordable. When traveling, I had a malfunction once with my 2 strobe cable and had to use a backup 1 strobe cable unit to resolve it. Had to settle with one strobe to finish the trip. When I got home, sent the cable part in for repair, and pretty much ended up having to purchase a new one because one of the little copper cables inside the phone type cord, gave all it had.

With fiber, there is no cable inside, just fiber optic type plastic. I also had a situation at the end of a boat dive when one of my fiber optic lines broke from the strobe. After looking and reviewing the damage, it appears it may have been from lifting the system by the fiber optic and while I don't do that, when we hand the camera to someone onboard a boat, and with rough weather to contend, we don't really know what happens until we are back onboard and those things are part of diving. To fix the fiber optic problem, I simply opened the connector, cut one inch piece from the fiber optic to make it flush, placed it back into a new connector and to this day, it works like nothing ever happened.

In my opinion, fiber optic is the way to go.