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In Topic: mirrorless cameras Olympus or Panasonic

01 September 2012 - 12:25 PM

Thanks much for your advice Don. Sure I have to try everything myself at the end of the day but the opinion of others is always getting you faster to the right direction..


In Topic: Underwater photography - The professionals

30 August 2012 - 10:40 AM

The very idea of “Professional Underwater Photographer” has come to the point of being almost entirely fiction. Even the best/largest stock agencies can not deliver a sizeable check for a photographer specializing in only that field like they use to due to the saturation of good imagery that keeps flooding the market. Most magazines are still paying the same rate for image use as they did during the 90’s, with less and less work becoming available due to the crush of the internet on their own bottom line.

When I was able to make a living as an underwater photographer, the circle of those who were able to realistically do it was small enough that we knew each other. But it took more than being good at your craft, often times, it required the ability to write the story to go with it. To use the worn out clique The Time’s are a Changing, technology has changed that. The range of camera systems are for ranging, not mention frighteningly capable at what they can deliver in even less than competent hands. Canon alone recently celebrated their production of 80 million EF model lenses alone. And then there is the internet, which wasn’t around during the height of my game. Now it has advanced to a point where I am seeing images that would have been reserved and deserving for a high-end publication now gracing the pages this forum and facebook on a daily basis.

Today, the label of Underwater Photographer is a small facet of what I do. Take a quite tour of my websites – UnderwaterJournal.com, WaltStearns.com, as well as both my facebook pages (Walt Stearns and Underwater Journal), and my wife’s (karenstearns) not to mention the ones we serve as admins for (Wakatobi Dive Resort and KISS Rebreathers) you will get (excuse the pun) a picture of what I do now.

As piece of advise, look at your investment in your camera equipment and travel as an investment into your passion, not as an investment into a career path, you will be a lot happier that way.

Thank You Walt for this great and wise sentence! I visited you website. It is really impressive! It is really fantastic to see what kind of art can be done under water.. Respect.

In Topic: mirrorless cameras Olympus or Panasonic

30 August 2012 - 10:17 AM

Hi all,

I am also a recent proud owner of the EM5. I am tesitng it above the water so far. I love it indeed as the others stated. :-)

However I am still waiting for the Nauticam housing.

In the mean time I would like to ask if anyone has an experience with the Underwater mode of the EM5? Are there any particular benefits besides the WB correction?

Especially for the pics taken with a strobo I will probably set the WB to the color temperature of the flash...

Any thoughts are welcome.
Best regards,

In Topic: OMD-EM5 , wide angle ,Meditérranée

26 August 2012 - 02:42 AM

Hallo Dominique,
Thanks much for your comments. The manual flash mode is indeed not a bad thing.

It will be my first time taking the OMD under the water. I took some pictures with the Olympus PEN E PL-2 and Z-240 in the past. The UW mode on that camera made quite a good job on the WB settings however the Photoshop light room 4 made the real work in the post-processing in my limmited UW photography experience.
As long as my gear will arrive I will be curious to use the WB settings in the color temperature of the flash used. I never did this so am curious if this will have a possitive effect.
To be honest I am not really sure what great advantages the UW mode brings (next to the WB).

Best Regards,

In Topic: OMD-EM5 , wide angle ,Meditérranée

21 August 2012 - 12:25 PM

Hello Sting Ray,
Thank You for sharing your great pictures!

I have recently bought the OMD EM-5 and ordered the Nauticam Housing for the 12-50mm lens with the zoom gear.

However I am doubtig about the flash. D2000 or Z-240...? Is Z240 worth the price difference comparing to D2000?
You mention you like making wide angle pics. there it is where enough light is pobably critical?

I have another question about the Under water mode of the OMD. Do you in your exprience use it? When I switch it on, I see that the camera automatically decreases in light and adjusts the flash intesity..
I would probably adjust the white balance to the 5500 Kelvin only. (The Inon flashes color temperature)

Thanks much for sharing your thoughts.

Ice bear.