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In Topic: Housing for Canon XF300/305

06 September 2012 - 07:32 AM

I have contacted BSkinetiks some days ago by email...but no answering!!

However the problem with this housing should be any mechanical control.

We shoot all over the world..and also in tropical water it can be foggy because a lot of plankton or sunshine reflections... Sometimes we dive in caves. Documentaries are about wildlife and often show interaction between humans and animals; the depth is usually down to 45 meters, no more.

Wich kind of remote controls have you on housing?

Thank you

In Topic: Housing for Canon XF300/305

06 September 2012 - 02:52 AM


Thank you very much for your advices. I do not think I'll chop the camera...
I have found in Italy a tube housing with a special accommodation for mic.. and it fits xf300. But they never worked with this camera before, so do not know if they can remote all controls and create a mechanical control for focus at least. Than they have to check if the size of the tube hole (for lens) is ok to make a special accommodation to fit a focus ring control.
Everything is not easy...and we have to go to the Caribbean sea for shooting a documentary!!

The problem is that we are changing all the equipment (a late transition to HD) and need two of the same camera, for external and uw shooting.
We like the worm image by the xf300..but now I read on this forum it is not so good in low light, as uw shooting requires...
So I am quite warred about that: I do not like to have a lot of problems finding a housing for xf300 and discovering at the end that it is not so good..

Wich camera can you suggest?

We cannot use dsrl because we need to zoom and tele and easily focusing at the same time (during the diving session).
So the same problem is with sony fs100 (Amphibico) and others interchangeable lenses cameras. Maybe a traditional camcorder is the only solution and we have to choose among those....

The most important thing is no rumors and issues in the background.

I tested some 1 cmos cameras (small and light) but they cannot avoid the problem.

Maybe only 3 chips camcorders can work better with low light.

Maybe there are only canon xf300 and sony ex1...

What can you suggest for uw shootings?

In Topic: Housing for Canon XF300/305

02 September 2012 - 11:58 PM

Hi Lionfish and all!

I need urgently Your help.

Have you found a good underwater housing for xf300? I am looking for it but in Italy there is one very heavy with no mechanical control and I should need it for manual focus (the best should be for WB also).

For Peter: I had a look on the BS Kinetiks web site, but I could not find xf300 on the camera list and neither xf100. How did You do to have the housing? Are the controls fully remote or do you know if it is possible a mechanical controls for manual focus?
This housing should be fine for light weight also because xf300 is kg 2,7.
How is the footage with the xf100 in low light and bad light and water conditions? Are there issues, noise and aberration?
I have read you have two uw housing: an electronic one and a mechanical one. Which is the brand of the second one?

Thank You in advance