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Red Filter Only Good to 70ft? Huh?

16 November 2012 - 05:31 PM

So I need some advice here. Not really sure what to do. I am shooting video of a ship wreck next week (The Duane in Key Largo). Most of the shooting will take place at around 100ft. Here is my underwater video setup:

- Canon T2i
- Ikelite housing
- 8 inch dome
- Tokina 11-16mm 2.8
- Equinox Red Filter

Now for my question. If you take a look at the red filter that I am using, in the description on B&H it states that it will work in "up to 70ft of water." So what happens to your colors after you pass 70ft? I am not using a light, so I am wondering if I should just shoot the Duane without this red filter and without a light. I mean, what are my options? And what is the smartest way to go?

I've been shooting on the shallow reefs of Key Largo, and I must say the red filter (with no lights) does do the job well, giving me nice color. I just don't have any experience shooting in the depths below 70ft. And I really want to know why this filter says it's only good for 70ft...

Thanks for any help.

- Jason