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In Topic: Nikonos 15mm + Adapter for NA-A7 (Nauticam Housing for Sony A7 series)

22 December 2015 - 06:16 PM

Hi Acetyl-Coa, 


Sorry to highjack this thread, but I thought I'd chime in. 


I also have this same setup for sale.  nikonos 15mm lens and 37201 nauticam adaptor.  


The exterior of the 15mm lens shows a bit of shelfwear but is optically like new, the nauticam adaptor is like new.  Both have been on about 30 dives by me, always freshwater cleaned. 


What sets my lens apart from many of the others lenses out there:  I was worried about the age of the o-rings on the nikonos lens (it is a vintage wet lens, some of the species you'll find have orings from 1968, depending on the serial number) so I finally found a professional to overhaul, replace all of the orings and seals and pressure test it for me.   This was done last year.   The focus and f-stop control knobs turn easily and it's in lovely shape.   This service cost me $300 on top of the $350 I paid for the lens.  The adaptor I paid 420 for.  


To that end, I would let my set go for $800 USD; I could ship it out tomorrow if you send paypal otherwise I could ship it on Jan 1st.    


(but by all means, the OP post above is an excellent deal, but I do recommend you get it serviced first, which may be very hard to do). 


I am only selling it because lately I've been really really enjoying CFWA shots, which the sigma 14mm on a small dome port does a slightly better job for; I can focus down right to the edge of the dome.  Of course, it's a more expensive setup and much harder to use.  :) 



-3ric Johanson

Seattle, WA


PS.  Incidentally, it was this lens which was used on this photo, which nat geo published (yay!):   http://yourshot.nati...photos/6504791/