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In Topic: Olympus Mirrorless vs RX100 Major benifits?

08 May 2013 - 01:35 AM

Thanks every one.


WOW... that video has some great shots.


Seeing that it seems the better option due to size. the issue is the housing costs on the RX makes it such a hard sell.


Im soooo confused right now and lost on what to do!


What is the battery life like using a strobe on the RX100? as its FO only option?

In Topic: Help moving to the next level

04 October 2012 - 06:55 AM

Have a think about what subjects you want to shoot. If you're happy with macro and reefscapes then get a good compact such as the canon s100 or similar in a good housing like a fisheye or nauticam that can easily take add ons when the time is right.

However, if you intend to shoot moving subjects then I'd look at a mid range mirrorless as the lag and slow focussing of a compact is a right royal pain. You don't have to go mad, an Olympus epl model with kit lens , 9-18mm wide angle, zen port and 1 or 2 inon strobes could be had within total budget.

Lastly, don't overlook a used older slr setup. There's not a lot wrong with something like a canon 40d or nikon d80 and if you're up for lugging it around the focussing is streets ahead of the others

I've tried all the above and for you I'd go the mirrorless route

I thought about a 30 or 40d as i have a range of lenses already. Would not want to use the 50d underwater as its my only aboveground body. But I do think its a bit bulky to carry on holiday. Im deffinatly looking P&S or mirrorless. It will double as a portable above ground camera for days a full dslr is to much to carry but any UW camera i get will do fine for that function.

I think i need to go and play with a few Mirrorless cameras and then look at the cases available. Thanks

Sure you have seen this thread....


Wow... Great shots from the camera. worth looking at. Thanks

In Topic: Help moving to the next level

03 October 2012 - 07:38 AM

You suggest you are searching for an answer. I suggest searching for Questions first.
How big of an investment in time/space/money are you interested in?
What does it take for you to be satisfied with the results?

A full frame FX format SLR, such as the D800 will give you all the top end capacity one can get to date. It requires a substantial commitment and not just money. Lenses, housing, shipping containment and shipping weight all come at a substantial price. It also comes with high end capacity for those that know how to use it and feel the need or desire to use it.

A DX size camera has a smaller investment with some lower 'capacity'. It can take great photos but cannot match the FX units in all ranges of resolution and detail. Housings are generally lower priced than FX units. Overall the equipment is lighter/smaller. Chances of picking up some nice used equipment is better as some people move from DX to FX.

A 4/3 or mirrorless format camera leads to still smaller units with less resolution than the above... but with greater resolution than the G9 and less shutter lag. (I hated the shutter lag of my G9) The investment is far less in terms of size/weight/price.

So before anyone can answer "what camera should you buy", you might consider investigating further into to asking better questions of yourself.
Willing to spend $10K? Only $6K? More like $3K?
Travelling abroad for these photo's? How much weight and size are you willing to cover?

From my limited view of the world, when searching for most of the answers to life...the main goal needs to be...
Asking the correct questions.

Valid questions. I do have a limit to what i want to spend in the start of it. I have about £1000 to spend right away and another £1500 due from a friend that is to go toward this. so £2500 is my budget for now. Im willing to not have a full setup with all the bells from day one and then build on to it with future budget over the years.

I have had my G9 as a camera since about a month after it came out so i keep things for a while. Im still wanting portability as I dive abroad not in the UK at the moment. So realisticly it is either P&S or 3/4 Mirrorless.

I want the option to build on the setup over the years if and when I need to or take a few extra steps. SLR of any sort is just too much cost after you add ports, cases, ETC £2500 will get me little more than a case and body. Im not trying to spend every penny but if it needs to be then it does.

I have been tempted with a G12 and case as a cheap route knowing its a good camera for quality but I hear the lag is no better just the macro and resolution. I have really only had Canon Camera's all my life so its all I know.

The New G15 will be interesting to get a review on. Sony NEx seem to get similar Lag revews on the shutter. The Olympus range seems to get some good reviews for a cost perspective. Also i need to look at features on the mirrorless cameras. I believe some are only semi manual. Im gutted the new Canon is touch based.

Hope that gives some direction.


In Topic: Help moving to the next level

03 October 2012 - 06:30 AM

Get something that exceeds your photography skills so that you can grow into it....I dont think many people will tell you what to buy because I suppose it will start a debate but if you want a deal, keep your eyes on the classifieds section. You might be able to pick a camera up that will satisfy your requirements but a bit out of date for its previous user...there are good deals out there, I sometimes wish I did it!!

Pick your housing before picking your camera and I would go for Aluminium again if I had to buy now. Get an understanding of the weight of what you want to buy....See what ports you want to use and whether they will fit to the housing you want...

RE strobes (Inon or Sea and Sea) The thing I like about Inon is that they use AA batteries and have built in torches....before you decide see if TTL works between your selected camera and the strobe, if you want TTL. In some cases it will work on Fiber Optic and not electronic, so make sure the housing has a FO connection if required.

Find a dealer that you like dealing that has patience to share their knowledge and explain the same thing the millionth time!! Get an understanding of how much you want to spend and get ready to spend twice as much on things you never thought you would ever need!

Take your time and enjoy shopping for it and try to dive more!! Posted Image

Ahhhhh someone on my wave length! thats exactly it. Im not a bad land photographer (No competition winner but better than average!) so control of the flash, Aperture, shutter, RAW shooting is a minimum. This allows me to apply my knowledge and adapt it under the water.

As you say second hand is definatly where im looking for strobes. One to cut cost a little but also to gain maybe an older model that is better than the lesser current models at a similar price.

In Topic: Help moving to the next level

03 October 2012 - 06:22 AM

So do you do extensive cropping before you make those giant prints? If so, you have to get close to the subject and get the image of such subject close up instead of doing aggressive cropping.

Also, many of those tiny lenses on P&S are not able to resolve to the full resolution of its sensor. You would something with a larger sensor..but main thing is to fill the frame instead of cropping.

No in some cases NO cropping is required but its still not got enought DPI to blow up over A3. And at A3 its relying on good quality photo paper to help the blend.