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Which rx100

28 May 2016 - 02:36 AM

Need some help. I sold my old g9 setup in favour of a new camera.

Everything points to a RX100 with a recsea POM case.

Question is which rx100

Cost is a. Issue to some extent. But I'm hoping this is my last camera for a while I have a tray and strobe and my concentration will be on wet lenses etc once bought.

I want video for the few occasions it's real useful. Mainly I take close up and portrait shots. Landscape is less often but I do at times do this.

Looking at it the m2 is good and the m3 does not seem to have a huge improvement.

The m4 seems to only benefit from 4K video really.

The m2 does have the hot shoe but is this needed. Surely fibre activated strobe will work just as well. (It's what I'm used to.

Any help will be useful.