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Olympus Mirrorless vs RX100 Major benifits?

02 May 2013 - 12:39 AM



I'm still 1 year on looking at what to buy. Lurking on here has given a lot of insight but im still lost. The Rx100 is seeming great but is not cheap for the fact its macro is not 100 percent.


I do want a semi versatile camera and as im investing I do want to ensure its going to be future proofed.


I do know I want more than 12MP as I have a large set of walls I would like to display a few bits of my work as I get better. A0 on 12MPs is not quite enough!


So The RX ticks 99% of the boxes but its macro is soft. The other option in the PEN Olympus that seems to get a lot of attention. There seems to be some questions on viewfinders and ease of function but not clear on which models to steer away from. I like the idea I could change a lens if my photography type changes or my dive is going to be more in the blue than near coral or rocks.


The total cost is similar and both seem very portable still and that is a key want.





Help moving to the next level

30 September 2012 - 03:16 AM

Hi there

My name is Antony and I have been diving for about 6 years on and off and have covered about 40 dives. I dive only a few times a year at the moment but want to change that.

I use my G9 as a portable camera when I'm not wanting to lug my canon 50d around on land and after hearing good things about it underwater has become my weapon of choice up till now.
In the last 3 years I have started photography underwater with a G9 and canon case. I take photos on dives and snorkling and have had some good results recently now I have gotten to grips with lighting and composition underwater.

I have been looking into strobes for a few month for next year when I hope to do a holiday more focused on diving than sunning like the wife usually wants.

I have been toying with upgrading in a year or two for a better camera and a better case that allows direct cabling of the strobe for better control but that plan has now been moved forward after a quad bike accident damaged my G9. It is repairable but I'm using it as an excuse to just start over.

So I'm now needing some guidance on what to replace with. I like the canon platform but am willing to move. The question is should I stay compact or go mirrorless. I'm after a better case. The canon cases are great as a starter case but its not that ergonomic. I'm really at a loss. I have read many reviews but not really got me to a decision. I want to start som macro shooting too so that's important. I'm not fused about uing the camera above land anymore as a primary role. Finally is the strobes. I'm looking at strobes too. Probably a single for now. I think I have narrowed it to the ys-110a or the D2000. Any comments on those would also be nice.

Link to some of my most recent photos I took underwater can be found here. All with a G9 some diving some snorkelling.

My Pics

Comments and constructive critisim welcome. I'm here to learn.