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In Topic: Making The Leap To 4k Pro. Please Help.

Today, 07:01 AM

On the other hand, with the LX100 you need to use a port system with a short port that has a smaller zoom range. It lacks the Sony's 1080p120fps mode and its HRF mode (really nice 240fps and more specialized 480fps and 960fps) It also doesn't have a pop-up flash and the housing is significantly bigger. And, perhaps less important for underwater footage, but the RX100IV has a log mode, whereas the LX100 doesn't. 



Yes, there is no perfect camera out there. The initial discussion of this thread is "leap into 4K" so 1080p features are not really that relevant unless we're having a discussion solely about RX100 vs LX00, which there is plenty of videos in youtube to show that. BTW, LX100 is now $699 at B&H, that's a whole lot of bang for the bucks.


Log, yeah, it's another big discussion. Do you want to endure the work flow of color grading? What is the quality after grading (trying to grade a 100mbps 8-bit 4:2:0?) For log, it's best to go ask those GH4 shooters. From what I have seen, log and color grading is ok/good with the Atomos Shogun as the GH4 put out 10-bit 4:2:2 4K. Gearbow would also need to find out if his clients would want log video.

In Topic: Making The Leap To 4k Pro. Please Help.

Today, 06:37 AM

These are the things that gearbow will have to learn and figure out what work for him. Red filter will definitely be benefit in Tropical water with sunny environment and fast lens. Red filter cut out 1-stop of light, so you will need to use higher ISO on not so sunny day. Also, try to shoot sunball/drapper light with red filter and you will have some challenge. Experience shooter should be able to adapt and modify the camera configuration depends on environment changes. For example, there were a few times I start diving around 3 pm in Asia, the sun was still bright and I can still use red filter, when it's closer to 4 pm, it's no longer sunny, then I have to make the choice of remove the red filter, or use higher ISO, or use light. This is what I mean by grow and bring out the capability of the camera, not trying to figure out if I remove the red filter, would the camera not white balance, and if it doesn't work without red filter, how can I work around?


The best result of using red filter is when the sun is behind you. From my experience, diving around 9 am with red filter, the ambient light is normally not very optimal. If it's between 11 am to 3 pm, I would put on a red filter whenever possible.

In Topic: Making The Leap To 4k Pro. Please Help.

Today, 04:51 AM

Yes, you could work around the RX100 IV white balance issue. I once help a fellow diver to figure out her RX100 M2 white balance, you have to switch to P mode to set the white balance then switch to movie mode again. Even when you do that, the moment you read the white balance the camera would give you error, and you need to ignore that error and continue. The lack of custom function button on the camera make it worse (there is only 1 in the RX100M2, does M4 has more?). Panasonic can do one push white balance setting in less time.


Even you work around the problem, a red filter is a must for the RX100: http://wetpixel.com/...showtopic=56855


So here is my question, do you want to pay premium price for a point and shoot with an inferior feature that the consumer have to work around? The idea should be grow and improve to bring out the capability of the camera, not to figure out the bug of the camera and work around it. As a programmer for living, I don't accept this kind of concept. But if people are still draw to those cameras, it's their choice, I just point out other options.

In Topic: Making The Leap To 4k Pro. Please Help.

Yesterday, 07:01 AM

Before you go with the Sony RX100 M4, make sure you understand its short coming. You can't do custom white balance when shooting video, how would one improve video skill without learning white balance? If the camera require shooter to slab on a red filter and leave the white balance to auto, it's just a glorified GoPro.


I use Panasonic LX100 and it gets the job done with reasonable budget. Even though it uses port system, the Nauticam N50 port system is reasonable priced compare to interchangeable M3/4 and dSLR. I was going to move into the GH4, but I can't justify spending $200 for a piece of gear for the lens, and if I have a few lens, then the cost of gear add up, not to mention dome etc. Using the port system on the LX100 also prepared me mentally should I move into higher end camera in the future if I want to go with dSLR or m3/4.


Here is one of the clips of the LX100:

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Yesterday, 06:14 AM

Hi Fred, sorry to hear about your hard time with DAN. I heard many negative things about DAN especially when come to claiming. You might want to look into DiveAssure in the future, they're one stop shop for travel/dive insurance and my local dive shop recommended them.