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In Topic: Red gel on underwater video light

27 February 2015 - 03:53 PM

Roo, it won't work. I shoot video with the stealth mode of my video light (Archon D32vr) before and attempted to "white balance" it. All the video shows up very yellow.


I'm in Kota Kinabalu now to visit family, may be we can pick each other's brain some time? Just PM me.

In Topic: Thumbnails and bit rates

22 February 2015 - 07:31 PM

What is the purpose of the thumbnails? I don't use VLC that often, only use KMplayer to play back. I know VLC is very powerful and can stream, but that come with price of complexity so I didn't invest my time in learning how to use the advance feature.

In Topic: Wide angle with GH4 and 14-42mm PZ lens

22 February 2015 - 12:46 PM

The G140 is a very expensive of port, you must be a very dedicated goPro user to invest in that kind of accessories. The 14-42mm PZ can accept wet wide angle lens and up to 110 degree. For the price of goPro and the G140, doesn't it make more sense to pay a bit more to get a 8mm lens instead and it's more future proof?

In Topic: Fisheye Converter for Panasonic Lumix G Vario 14-42 X PZ

22 February 2015 - 12:31 PM

What make this different then attaching a wet lens? The GFC1 is 120 degree, and become narrow once in water, but then the dome port restore it to what final FOV?

In Topic: Panasonic GH4 might get a V-log profile?

21 February 2015 - 02:16 PM

Let's not turn this forum into shooting style...... So only a few people here do color grading, and V-log may be better than CineD and CineV?