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Liveaboard at Sipadan - MV Celebes Explorer

26 May 2015 - 09:46 AM

Hi, does anyone have experience with the MV Celebes Explorer liveaboard at Sipadan? Do you get to dive at Sipadan every day? I read that the 7 days package includes 23 dives total. Do you get that many dives? And out of those dives, how many are at Sipadan? I don't care much to dive at Mabul.


What are the unique dive area you visited and do you get the chance to dive at "Sangalaki" area?



4K Cutterfish & octopus from Anilao

24 May 2015 - 04:44 PM

Sometimes I still can't believe I'm getting this kind of result from a point and shoot camera. The detail of 4K, and the sharpness of the lens, I think this is a keeper until 8K come around!




It's hard to do an artistic shoot of octopus since they move so fast and keep morphing (and I'm not that experience to approach them). I hope this clip showcase the capability of the Panasonic LX100. I never thought moire would be an issue for underwater, but I swear I thought I saw it, can you see it?


Watch it in 1440p HD or 4K (if you have fast internet) even though if you don't have 4K display, the extra data makes a difference!

Panasonic working on 8K!

20 May 2015 - 06:17 AM

It's hard to imagine, 2020 is just almost 5 years away. Doesn't seems like 6K is popular. The future is bright!




Does that mean Panasonic is working on bigger sensor?

Anilao Frogfish in 4K

04 May 2015 - 06:58 AM

Alright, got the frogfish out of the way. I have to say, they're not my cup of tea, but I finally saw hairy frogfish!


Finding music for frogfish is tough, shooting them on wall dive is even tougher! I probably should have learn how to use the Zebra feature on my Panasonic LX100, many of these guys are white like a snow ball and being down in at least 40 feet deep, it's hard to keep the surrounding properly expose while not to blow out the white frogfish. I have a couple shot of black frogfish, but they didn't make it into the video because they really look like a clump of charcoal. Anyway, enjoy (Watch in 4K setting even if you don't have 4K monitor just so you can benefit from the extra detail):



PS: Looking back, I could have shoot the white subject in more flat profile and grade them later. But there is no Cine-D or Cine-V kind of profile in the LX100, will have to research and see how to make one up. Any critique/comment is welcome! I think I got low enough, what other angle would you shoot frogfish at? Didn't see them yawn or snatch a fish up for meal, it's a tricky subject to shoot.

Nudibranch of Anilao in 4K - Panasonic LX100

26 April 2015 - 11:26 AM

It's my first time shooting with the Panasonic LX100, Nauticam CMC-1, first time to Anilao and second time shooting macro. I'm starting to accept the result especially I only have around 150 dives under my belt. I found that the more dive experience I have, the more comfortable I feel about getting close, slow down to think and adjust my camera setting (not having a big group of divers lining up or selfish dive buddy would help too!


I'm starting to get a hang of the editing portion too, music is always hard! Here is the result:



If you have 1080P display, watch in 1080P setting, then watch again with 4K setting, see if you can see the benefit of 4K. If you have 4K display, then of course watch it in 4K setting.


I output my final video to target of 80Mbps. A 8 minutes video is about 4.6Gb, it took about two hours to upload to Youtube and process. It's really hard for countries that do not have fast internet to provide 4K content. I don't know what's the final bitrate that Youtube produce, but if it's buffering right, the Youtube deliver quality is very close to my 4.6Gb mp4 sitting in my local hard drive.


Make sure you watch the whole thing!


As usual, suggestion, critique, comment are all welcome!