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In Topic: Want to replace my G7 with something new - Like a Canon 60D

23 October 2012 - 07:29 AM

Lots of the pictures I shared is taken from (signigicantly) less than a foot - obviously with some exceptions, like the napoleon fish (which is old), the manta and the schools.
Some of them would have been closer, if the subjects wherent mean to me and swam off or retreated themselves.. Maybe I need a rebreather as well.
Now when it comes to budget, I never mentioned anything about that other than not wanting to go to the "Single-Ds" cause the price up there is getting pretty bad (and Im not a pro), but if I want a 60D with an ikelite or sea and sea housing and the kinda lenses Ive been looking at thats 3,5-4k USD easy and Im aware of it and prepared for it.
I have been looking into used lenses and bodies and there IS a lot to save there, but theres also lots of opportunities to be had if youre not careful.

I will be getting lights as well, but my primary concern is finding a body/lense/housing option that suits my need. If I dont have the body, I dont need the lens and the housing or whatever combination of that you like.

In Topic: Member introductions

22 October 2012 - 10:50 PM

Even A. Lie from Norway popping in to have a look.
Ive been taking a few thousand underwater pictures with varying results and am looking into replacing my good old G7 now..