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Want to replace my G7 with something new - Like a Canon 60D

22 October 2012 - 11:33 PM

Hello everyone.
Im new to this forum and came over here due to the fact that its photography specific and hopefully hold more answers than Ive been able to get/find..

Ive been looking around a bit for a new camera setup as Im starting to get bored with my trusty old Canon G7 (CHDK modified).
Id like to get a decent dslr and Id preferr to stay with canon. I also dont want to get the cheapest housing there is, which means out of the current lineup the options are the 600D, 650D and 60D. The 7D/5D/1D is a bit out of the consideration due to cost - I want to afford USING my new camera after getting it too Posted Image

Now this is going to cost me a fair bit of money, so what Ive been thinking is getting the body, housing and one lens with matching port first of all.
I like shooting macro, but I would also preferr to be able to shoot "normal-angle", which has made me think in terms of something like the sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 or canon 17-40mm (should be equivalent to 38-110 and 27-64 on full frame?)

Having looked at the ikelite port charts Im a bit stumped as theres a lot of lenses that would seem to be good which is "too large to operate in port system" and especially this applies to lenses with high aperture, which seem to me is the kinda lenses youd want to use under water.
Looking at sea and sea, they dont seem to have any housing for any current canons but the 600D?
Infact their entire lineup on the website seem to be 6 housings?

Now if I did get a 600D instead of a 60D how big a difference would it make and would the sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 be housable with it in a sea and sea?
Is the 60D with a 24-70/17-40 or something along those lines a viable option?

I should probably mention that while I currently use a G7 under water, Im not entirely new to SLR cameras, however the last one I owned was a good old fashioned (canon) film one..

Also, for some idea of the kinda pictures I take and why Im looking into a normal to macro lens rather than an extreme to moderate wide angle, I have some pictures here http://www.flickr.co...s/89057162@N03/