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What is it?

18 January 2013 - 04:13 AM

Hello dear All,
I found this wonderful creature in Hellaidhoo Thila, inside a hover hang. It's very shy, as soon I illuminated it, it start to close slowly, than it appear as a flat sponge.
Any idea what is it?
Thank you so much.

Subal ND800 Problem

05 November 2012 - 04:22 AM

Hello Dear Everyone,
I'm here just for ask if anyone has some compatibility problems with Subal ND800 and D800E Nikon Camera.
My problems are as follows:

a) if I go down below 5-6 meters of depth my camera goes completely in confusion. Look like the Lv lever due to the outside increase of pressure press to Lv camera button and, of course, this create a chaos on the camera and I'm no able anymore to work. If I take a picture, it will not comes up to the monitor, if I switch on video, will be very hard move Lv lever and, in any case, if I press REC, it doesn't work. I've asked at Subal, and trough the pics I sent to them, they answered that seem the laser cut of Lv lever command was cut inappropriately.
If I come back in shallow water, above 6 metres, everything start to work on the right way. So I tock off Lv lever, but still below 6 metres of depth seem there is some contact between Housing and Camera.
So, please, I wonder if there's anyone else that have these kind of problems or it's me that I've got so much negative aura around me....:-((((
Thank you.

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