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Attaching safety line to Aquatica

04 November 2013 - 02:03 AM

Here is a question to users of Aquatica SLR housings.
When we dive in places where we will loose the camera if we drop it (like walls, from boats etc.), we attach the camera to a D-ring on our BCD or harness with a rope of some kind. I'm not so satisfied with the way I attach that rope to my housing so I would like to see how you fellow Aquatica users do it. Any suggestions?
For me it's important that it's quick and easy to un-clip the camera from my harness in the case I'm climbing up the ladder on a dive boat and someone is helping me taking care of the camera. Also, it's important to be out of the way when using the camera UW. I have tied a thin but strong rope around the left handle and then I use a stainless steel clip to connect to it. It would have been nice if Aquatica had had this in mind when they designed the housings or handles.


Epoque EL-1000 light

03 June 2013 - 03:09 AM

Anyone out there with any experience of the Epoque EL-1000 A-105 Video light?
I haven't found any useful reviews on it yet. From the data it seems to be a light that fits my needs and budget, but I want to have response from someone with some real experience from it.
/ Sven