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Pricing suggestions

08 November 2012 - 10:46 AM

So I and my girlfriend have some stuff to sell and want some pricing suggestions.

G6 and an ikelite housing. Housing was sent to get service a little over a year ago and we were told it has a small crack
and decided it wasn't worth fixing but might be good for parts. Doesn't leak yet but will at some point.

Some inon wet lenses - what the standard for good to almost like new as far as percentage off of new amazon/B&h prices?

11 month old ikellite lx5 housing and camera?

Single handle ikelite tray?

Ikelite manual controller?

I talked to the guys at reef and they suggested the following:

70-80% of street on the lenses

75% on the lx5 & housing

Don't recall what they said about the single handle ike tray.

50% off street for the manual controller

Who the hell knows on the g6 system

The stuff isn't on sale yet we need to take photos, etc but I wanted to know if the ranges suggest above seem reasonable?

Hopefully this will help diminish the pain of the d7000 system I just got :)