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In Topic: Sony A7 with 24-70 & Nik 15mm

30 May 2014 - 12:54 PM

I agree with the previous comment about the importance of fast autofocus. I have both a Sony A7r and an OMD EM-1 and have shot them both extensively on land. While I love the image quality of the full frame sensor, and have seriously considered a Nauticam housing for it, I decided to house my EM-1 primarily because of its much faster/accurate autofocus. While shooting underwater, whether its in current, surge, less than gin-clear water, or low lighting conditions, one does not need any help producing blurry out-of-focus images.

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In Topic: Underwater settings for the Olympus OM-D E-M5

29 November 2013 - 02:42 AM

Hello, I know this is a bit off topic but I was wondering if there was any experience with the OMD EM-1 and whether the aforementioned settings would be a good way to start with that camera.  I just purchased one of these and am short listed for the Nauticam housing.  Since it is such a new camera there is very little out there online as to advice on where to start.  


Thanks for any advice

I also picked up the EM-1 as soon as it came out and am eagerly awaiting the new Nauticam housing (hopefully before my xmas trip to Roatan).  Anyway, having both the EM-5 and the EM-1 I can tell you this:  they are extremely similar in terms of the menus on the cameras, and they are quite different in terms of the functional buttons/dials/lever configurations on the bodies.  But in terms of your question, yes, the menus look and act nearly the same in every important way, and I would use the settings recommended herein as a starting place for UW.


From an ergonomic layout, the EM-1 has moved the on/off switch up to the camera left on top, and added dual functionality to this for HDR/AF/Metering and shutter release controls. The EM-1 has also added two new controls to the front right (of the lens) which can be customized to whatever you want.  Olympus has also added a 2-position lever to the camera back just to the right of the EVF which controls the AEL as a button, but the lever also toggles controls on top of the on/off switch or whatever you customize it to do.   The Fn1 & 2 buttons and record buttons all exist but are physically spread out a little differently and improve your ability to make rapid adjustments.  I just returned from a week in Peru where I shot 2000 photos with this camera.  I feel that the EM-1 is a solid step up from the EM-5 in every way, but for me, ergonomic design and button layout is smart and intuititive.  I can make changes rapidly without ever taking my eye from the gorgeous viewfinder.(Most of the shots in this collection were with the EM-1 and 40-150 lens- )


good lucky, happy shooting