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#393044 12-60mm leica lens underwater anyone?

Posted by tomc on 06 March 2018 - 09:39 PM

The Panasonic 14-42 II mega O.I.S. lens + both macro and wide angle wet lens seems to work great for me shooting video on my GX8 & GH5. 

Keep in mind that I am talking video and not scrutinizing stills.

#374871 Panasonic GX-8

Posted by tomc on 26 June 2016 - 09:34 PM

I think I like it !


New GX8 Camera, Nauticam housing, 45 mm prime and 14-42 zoom lens.  Not in water yet but very responsive on land.  Just the right size on my home made tripod.  No handles to get in the way, buttons conveniently located and auto focus super fast.  Although I must memorize button locations.


Easy workflow in Premiere Pro but I am surprised at the large size 4k files.  My SD cards are 68 GB / U3 but a 1 minute 4k video requires approximately 1 GB so I see 128 GB cards in my future.  I also do not know if I will keep the 45 prime lens as the the 14-42 mega OIS lens is very sharp - not as sharp as the 45 prime but very close.  I bought the 45 degree Nauticam eye piece and the eye piece together with the GX-8 electronic viewfinder is excellent - just turn off the LCD and only use the eye piece - like viewing a HD TV.


I am afraid that I will have to take a quickie trip to test everything before my big trip in September - Oh - too bad.