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Nauticam Piano Button

10 November 2013 - 06:35 AM

Does anyone know how to remove the piano keys on a Nauticam housing?  I need to replace the o-ring on the SET button shaft but I can not figure out how to remove the piano lever.


I have the NA-7D housing and I neglected to send it in for service this year.  I have a couple of quick trips coming up so last night I inspected the housing and found the c-clips on the set button shaft were corroded. Apparently moisture is entering at this location.  I can remove everything necessary to replace the 0-ring but I can not figure out how to move the piano key out of the way.  I have another Nauticam housing that I can steal parts from until I get around to sending both housings to Reef Photo for servicing.  I doubt that I have time to send the housing into Reef before my upcoming trips but I will call