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07 July 2015 - 07:39 AM



This is gorgeous!  You should be very proud of your work. It's really lovely!

I have a few questions:

Correct me if I am wrong -- you don't use Magic Filters -- you rely only on manual white balance. 


Which "picture profile" did you use on the LX100 underwater?  Did you change the Noise Reduction, Contrast, Sharpening or other settings?  (I have been playing with those on land, but still haven't decided what works) 

Did you use one of those contrast curves (shadows/highlights)?

When you edit - do you edit the video in 4k and then export it to 2k  or HD, OR, do you edit the video on an HD or a 2K timeline? (I'm trying to figure out which one works better, still haven't decided).


Forgive me for peppering you with so many questions -- I was away over July 4, and while I was gone, my Nauticam housing came for my LX100.  I am so excited -- I haven't even had the chance to open up the box yet (I'll do that tonight), but I am trying to get ready for my big dive trip to the Red Sea (Egypt) at the end of the month!


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22 June 2015 - 07:24 AM

Ikelite does not make a housing for the Samsung NX1 -- its not on their website.  I asked them directly if they would, and they said no.  

In Topic: 4K Cutterfish & octopus from Anilao

27 May 2015 - 06:25 PM

Hi Moses


Thank you for the info on settings!  It is very useful!  I just watched your video again and did not see ANY moire.  It's beautiful in 4k on a 4k screen.


I am wondering if maybe the moire I saw in my test shot (of the cupcakes) was focus hunting by the camera (since I had it in autofocus).  Anyways, I will do some more test shots this weekend and see how the camera operates.  The still photos from the LX100 are gorgeous!!

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27 May 2015 - 07:27 AM

The video is awesome!  I just watched this in the office in HD (1080 p), and did not see any moire.  I will watch it again tonight on my home computer (iMac -- with the 5K screen) and let you know if I see a different result.  

I just got my LX100 two weeks ago, and am still playing with it (on land).  I took a few video clips, and downloaded them into Final Cut Pro, but the results so far were mixed -- some really nice, others less nice.  Some were really blown out - overexposed -- I was shooting in strong sunlight, and even though I stopped down the aperture, I think I need some ND filters. Overall, I think it is my technique, not the camera.  By the way, the quality of the still photos (in raw) in phenomenal!

In one video clip, I was shooting some close-up food shots of some cupcakes.   It was not overexposed, but I swear I saw moire in the cupcakes.  But maybe it is an issue with Final Cut and how I downloaded the video clips, or maybe it isn't there if you are exporting the final clip into HD or even 2k?  I don't know (I have a "one-to-one" appointment at my local Mac store this weekend for some Final Cut pro tutoring -- so I will find out more and keep you apprised.

Did you use Manual Focus for all your video shots?  

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05 May 2015 - 11:51 AM

I LOVE this video and the music for it!