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07 December 2005 - 08:26 PM

Does anyone know of a true uw housing for sd200? The canon housing says only good to 10 feet, but all other canon housings rate to 130 feet. Are these really different housings? Anyone try using the sd200 in the sd500 housing?



Olympus 3040+PT010+YS90 DX for sale

04 March 2005 - 07:02 PM

I am selling my Olympus 3040 kit as I do not use it often enough. Will sell as kit or parts.

Olympus 3040 3 mp camera
2x zoom and wide angle screw on lens (land only)
LowePro Case
Olympus PT010 housing
Sea and Sea YS-90DX strobe
Sea and Sea Fiber Optic Cable
Fisheye Arm
Spare O-rings, grease, manuals for above

Camera is in excellent working condition, except for slight wear on the lens cover, body is in new condition. UW components have been used on less than 10 dives and are in as new condition. I paid $1000 for the housing, strobe, arm and cable. Asking $900/obo for entire kit as listed above including camera, case and lenses. E-mail me for pics of any items or to make an offer on individual parts.




Need advice on 3040 and YS 90 DX

05 January 2005 - 10:33 PM

I am a newbie to UW photo and I recently purchased a 3040 in PT-10 housing with Sea + Sea YS 90dx strobe. I have been getting mixed information on what settings are best to use for camera and strobe.

I may not be able to test the settings underwater before my next dive trip in 2 weeks, but I have been doing some on land testing and have found the exposures to be most consistant with the camera in 'Program' mode (P) and the strobe in TTL mode. Level adjustments to the flash do not seem to make any difference (from what I understand this is the whole point of TTL?).

I would like the ability to control shutter and aperature in 'manual' mode (A/S or M). I have tried using the preflash mode on the strobe with the camera on manual (shutter 90 at F 5.6) with mixed success. Seems like a lot of adjustment on the flash level is needed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.