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In Topic: first day of diving with my new setup , mostly underexposed

24 January 2016 - 10:49 PM

Is it your strobe that's underexposed, or the ambient?

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In Topic: Camera tether suggestions??

09 January 2016 - 04:14 PM

I use a spiral line tether like this. However, since I personally don't like tiny carabiners (they're a PITA to operate with thick three-fingers or drygloves), I've bought a large bolt snap (the same type that's used for rigging stage bottles) and switched the carabiner with it. I had to borrow my wife's sewing machine to fix it properly, though.The bolt snap goes onto my left hip D-ring, the other end of the tether goes on the bottom of my (Nauticam) tray. I've also tied another, standard sized, bolt snap to the top of my rig, and on shore entries it's clipped to my left shoulder D-ring. The whole rig hangs pretty much like a stage bottle.


That works  for me.

In Topic: Olympus 9-18 with Nauticam 4.33"?

23 December 2015 - 04:39 AM

The 7-14 is generally considered to be better than the 9-18, and the extra two mm at the wide end really make a difference. On the other hand, one of the main reasons I went for an m43 system instead of a dSLR was size. So mounting the 6" semidome or a huge FE dome sort of negates that advantage of m43. Which is also the reason that the 8mm/1.8 FE or the new f/2.8 zooms never have been an alternative for me. The 9-18, even with its limitations, is quite compact and the fairly small 4" semi and the 4.33" dome make for a decently-sized rig. The 3.5" dome even more so.

Me, I prefer the extra two mm at the long end instead of the wide end for multipurpose shooting. If I want to go really wide, I'll use my 8mm FE. Find what fits your needs and your style. It may not be the same solution that fits other photogs best.

In Topic: Olympus 9-18 with Nauticam 4.33"?

22 December 2015 - 05:56 AM

Sorry to hijack the thread a bit, but I'm considering getting the 9-18 and 4" port, so was wondering what issues you have with that combination ?

Well, at 9mm the corner sharpness sucks. At more or less every aperture. Also, the corner distortion of a so wide rectilinear WA can be annoying for some subjects.

The corner sharpness can be greatly improved by zooming to ~12mm or by adding a - preferably achromatic - +2 dry diopter to the lens before closing the housing. I've chosen the latter approach and have posted a test here sometime in the past.

This isn't an issue which is particular to the 9-18. It's a fundamental optical issue for more or less any rectilinear extreme WA behind a dome (i.e. not flat) port. OTOH, you lose some 25% of FOV if you use a flat port, so it's up to you to decide on your priorities and choose your subjects so your images don't suffer too much from the limitations of your optics.

I prefer WA shooting, so I basically use either the 9-18 or the 8mm/3.5. Both have their pros and cons.

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In Topic: Olympus 9-18 with Nauticam 4.33"?

21 December 2015 - 10:40 AM

Thanks. I have enough issues with the 9-18 behind the 4" semi (although not enough to make me give it up), so I guess that idea goes in the bin.

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