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In Topic: Should i get a fisheye?

16 April 2015 - 11:38 PM

Maybe time to train-up Mrs S to be an underwater model for you? My partner is brilliant at this. Hey, here's a thought, you could buy Mrs S an underwater modelling class as a reward for you buying the lens. I'm sure she'd be delighted. Better than flowers - lasts longer. 




Although the idea is tempting, I don't think it's a good one. I'd have to convince her to get SCUBA certified first...


I'll probably go for the flowers solution. It's a lot easier. And cheaper, which means I'll have money for the 4.33" port a bit earlier ;)

In Topic: Should i get a fisheye?

16 April 2015 - 02:57 AM

Go on, you know you want one.






Just go for it. ;)


OK, I did    :)

No port yet, as my "discretionary account" wasn't fat enough for that right now. :(  Is it a good idea to put it behind my 4" semidome, vignetting be darned, just to be able to take it for a spin and start working on the dramatically changed subject distance? I do know that I'll have to crop out about half of the picture or so.


In the meantime, I took it outside in the weekend, just to try it out. I'll need to do some experimentation before I'm able to handle the dramatically changed perspective in a meaningful way.



17135511561_7aa12d76c4_t.jpg   17136152535_3f6711f849_t.jpg


Mrs Storker will never hear about it from us....


:angel:    :innocent:   :blush:

In Topic: GoPro video post-processing - recommendations?

10 April 2015 - 09:31 AM

Well, I understand that heavy color-correction isn't viable with video, but good point. However, using "native" color balance and Protune gives a little more leverage WRT color-correcting before things screw up. Right? And I know that moderate color correction is possible even with JPEG stills.


I'm a PC guy, but Premiere Elements is (AFAIK) the same whether you run it on Win or iOS, right? Premiere Pro is out of the question for financial reasons, but Elements is within my budget (although I hate the "easy" UI...).


I've mounted my GoPro atop my still camera rig, so stabilization isn't much of an issue  :innocent:

In Topic: Should i get a fisheye?

09 April 2015 - 03:37 AM

Sigma or Nikon? 


I didn't know Sigma or Nikon made a fisheye for m43   :mocking: 

I'll probably end up with the Panasonic 8mm/3.5. The Olympus 8mm/1.8 isn't on the market for quite a few months (and the price will probably be... prohibitive), while the Samyang 8mm/3.5 is MF only, and I don't know if Nauticam makes a focus gear for it. Besides, with my presbyopia and the poor performance of my progressive contacts, AF is the only way I can get my subjects focused right...

In Topic: Should i get a fisheye?

09 April 2015 - 03:33 AM

I had the 9-18mm and I hated it (sorry) it was like butter left outside.

I don't hate it.


It's not perfect, but IMO it's a fairly decent compromise if more factors than just maximum IQ is involved in the trade-off. I chose it primarily for the size, both for topside and UW use. And used correctly, it can give decent sharpness:
15738519401_1105522a3f_t.jpg 16660200906_a6ca77203f_t.jpg 16684807991_54801b486b_t.jpg 15942957388_d84b63ea84_t.jpg 16871686778_e226c9b6ce_t.jpg