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In Topic: D750 which autofocus mode?

17 October 2015 - 01:02 AM

I always use single point focus, whether topside or UW. If your point of interest is off-center, you can move the focus point, use focus-recompose or crop in post to get your desired composition.

Topside I use CF with the focus decoupled from the shutter (one button on the back of the body is programmed to activate AF), UW I've found that single focus on the shutter works best for me.

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In Topic: Lumpsucker feedback

16 October 2015 - 03:48 AM

Get an adjustable dump valve fitted!


My dump valve is adjustable, I didn't even know they came in different flavors. I prefer to dive with it just a couple of clicks away from open. I wear thick undergarments, and the suit air vents rather slowly, so I've found that chicken winging with an open valve works best for me. Also, since I want to be able to vent both my suit and my wing simultaneously if I get seriously light, without letting go of my rig, I can't see that closing it is an option. 


The disadvantage is that I have to remember to close it if I for some reason want to stay vertical, and then open it again when I go horizontal, and that I have to be a bit careful about my trim when I'm shooting. I can live with that.

In Topic: Lumpsucker feedback

15 October 2015 - 11:58 AM

For the image, it is generally better to take a picture from either front, back or diagonally as photos from the side or top look "flat".


I know. The picture was actually taken slightly from below to get the gradient in the green background, but the wall wasn't vertical. It was slightly overhanging, and I wasn't able to get far enough below to get the apparent not-from-the-front perspective. That's actually a challenge for me since I dive dry; if I go below the subject to shoot upwards, my body posture becomes vertical, my DS valve starts to vent and I become negative...


Lovely image - but I think this is a male lumpsucker!



By Jove, I believe you're right!


(cue shower scene from The Crying Game)

In Topic: RAW converters

27 August 2015 - 12:51 AM

Yes. The solution is to make a profile with a higher Tint starting point. This one was called 40T - as it adds an extra 40 units of Tint before you start using the Lightroom controls. 


So, your only change to the standard profile was a +40 tint? No mucking with the color tables or the primaries in the color matrices? Cool. 

In Topic: RAW converters

27 August 2015 - 12:14 AM

the answer is in there - although not easy to spot

OK, I'll bite.

Is it your custom calibration profile?