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Green water pictures

23 July 2015 - 05:07 AM

Here up North, we're riddled with poor viz during the warmer months of the year, and there are less pretty fishes around. On the other hand, the bottom life is pretty decent compared to e.g. the Mediterranean, and the green water makes for a nice change from the stereotypical blue backgrounds you get in warm water destinations. I've been shooting with my E-M5 for a little more than two years now, and I'd like to show off some of my more successful shots:


M Zuiko 9-18mm f/4-5.6, ambient only:

8545054613_b94a41812f_t.jpg  8609555400_b1b3b028dd_t.jpg  8570341134_7a9077f41b_t.jpg  8651935301_2f833c55c0_t.jpg  8689160611_bb67f04849_t.jpg  8736311350_9017057d80_t.jpg




M Zuiko 9-18mm f/4-5.6, single strobe:

8565827083_b17b509c69_t.jpg  8689163683_0a1fd29e17_t.jpg  8689441359_dc6c1c074c_t.jpg  8736313330_ded935dcbf_t.jpg  https://farm6.static...b68aa25d2_t.jpg  https://farm1.static...134e87efe_t.jpg  https://farm4.static...a627a3e15_t.jpg  https://farm8.static...560f5a290_t.jpg  https://farm3.static...e330e3ca6_t.jpg  https://farm4.static...aec754ec0_t.jpg




M Zuiko 9-18mm f/4-5.6, two strobes:

https://farm3.static...74b64f082_t.jpg  https://farm4.static...ec66e1ae2_t.jpg  https://farm4.static...fa5d8d2e6_t.jpg  https://farm3.static...2dc27b9d5_t.jpg  https://farm6.static...7b5e98dc7_t.jpg  https://farm3.static...bdd3d8c15_t.jpg  https://farm4.static...105522a3f_t.jpg  https://farm9.static...84b63ea84_t.jpg  https://farm9.static...4801b486b_t.jpg  https://farm8.static...ac5efd5bb_t.jpg  https://farm9.static...226c9b6ce_t.jpg  https://farm9.static...fe8667d8f_t.jpg




Panasonic 8mm f/3.5:

https://farm1.static...96744a3e9_t.jpg  https://farm4.static...3c81fb640_t.jpg  https://farm1.static...c9cc01713_t.jpg  https://farm1.static...95ddb86a0_t.jpg  https://farm1.static...d36588b5a_t.jpg  https://farm1.static...38d8f5193_t.jpg

Drowned Inon Z240 - anything worth salvaging?

14 July 2015 - 10:11 AM

So I managed to drown my first strobe on Sunday. Poorly installed O-ring on the battery compartment lid. My own fault.

Except for the obvious solution of cussing, swearing, kicking my own arse and buying a new strobe, is there anything worth salvaging as spare parts before I deliver the cadaver as electrical garbage for recycling?

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Strobe positioning with fisheye - tips needed!

13 June 2015 - 12:14 PM

So, I got my FE dome port this week and took my new Panasonic 8mm/3.5 for a spin today. I had anticipated a certain learning curve to get comfortable with the FE perspective, but I hadn't anticipated the trouble with my strobes. Hotspots and uneven lighting galore!  :aggressive: I pulled the strobes closer to the housing and even angled them inwards, but I still had problems getting something even reminiscent of even lighting :(
Here's one of the shots, SOOC (or, at least, before any adjustments in LR):
I managed to turn it into something that at least didn't hurt to look at:
But I don't think I like the thought of having to dodge every shot to get rid of the hotspots. There has to be something I haven't learned about positioning the strobes when using a fisheye. So, any tips or links to articles are highly appreciated!

GoPro video post-processing - recommendations?

09 April 2015 - 10:09 PM

Coming from still photography using raw file format and Lightroom post-processing, I'm quite comfortable with having to post-process.


The amount of light available at depth up here makes me want to avoid any use of filters. Right now I'm shooting in 2.7k (to allow for cropping in post), protune on, low sharpening and native color balance. I sometimes use a SOLA 1200 as my (only) light, sometimes only ambient lighting. 


For video editing/processing, I'm using Adobe Premiere Elements 13. I briefly tried out the GoPro video editor, but the lack of adjustment layers turned me off that program and got me to buy a license for Premiere Elements. 


I'm still at the start of my learning curve here, so any tips on alternative/better editing programs, and/or recommended adjustment settings would be appreciated.


Should i get a fisheye?

08 April 2015 - 11:56 AM

I got my UW rig about two years ago. I've been shooting topside for more than a couple of decades, and I had a half-decent idea about my weak and strong sides there. So, since macro basically was out of the question due to buddy obligations and I was more of a tele perspective person than a WA perspective person, I opted for a rectilinear WA zoom (Olympus 9-18mm/4-5.6). It had a fairly moderate WA perspective which I felt fairly confident I'd be able to use properly without too much trouble, and the zoom function gave me some flexibility WRT shooting the slightly more skittish critters.

Now, the 9-18 has its limitations. Rectilinear WAs give weird corner distortions on some closeup shots, and the close focus limit isn't the best for CFWA. And I have to use a dry diopter to avoid mushy corners. So, I've started thinking about a fisheye. Problem is, I'm not sure if it's a real need, of if I'm just feeling another onset of GAS (gear acquisition syndrome). So, I'm sort of trying to do a pro/con analysis here. Pro: More FOV enabling me to get closer with less debris causing backscatter, better CF limit for CFWA. Con: Co$t, less flexibility. I think using a FE will basically deny myself the possiblity of snapping the odd semi-closeup or two of smallish and/or skittish critters. There's also the question of whether I should just go for the Panasonic 8mm/3.5, or if I ought to wait for the Olympus 8mm/1.8 and hope that Nauticam has (or designs) a suitable port for it, and that I won't have to sell a kidney to afford it.

I guess that what I'm basically asking is: What would you guys do? And why?