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Geotagging and depth in pictures' EXIF data

17 March 2015 - 12:10 AM

I like to geotag my photos. For geotagging of topside photos, I've been using Geosetter for a few years now. It's a simple program that reads a GPS tracklog (in GPX format), compares the time stamp of the picture with the trackpoints' time stamps, grabs the GPS coordinates from the trackpoint with the closest match to the picture's timestamp and inserts those data into the picture's EXIF field. The program uses Phil Harvey's EXIFTool to manipulate the EXIF data. For raw files, it can write the location data to an XMP file.


This works great as long as your camera's clock is reasonably accurate. You can also geotag the pictures manually. 


For UW pics, I'm also using Geosetter, but getting the depth is a bit of a pain in the nether part of the back. I can get the depth profile from my PDC, but there's always an offset between my camera's clock and my PDC's log. Apparently, there's enough variation that just a direct comparison of the pictures' timestamp with the times of the depth log isn't feasible. So I'm going the long way: A couple of times during the dive, I take a picture of my PDC and hit the bookmark button on the PDC. This gives me a calibration, so I can offset the depth log time to fit my camera's clock. After that, it's manual comparison of picture timestamps with the depth log, and manual insertion of the depth as a negative number in the Altitude field.


This is pretty work-intensive, so I'm thinking there must be some way to take a simple two-column ASCII file with the time/depth data , feed it to e.g. EXIFTool or the Geosetter front-end, and make the process go automatically. Are there anyone else who have tried this?

Feedback on my rig setup appreciated

31 January 2015 - 07:55 AM

So, I just went and bought myself a GoPro and a ball mount for my torch since the hand mount for the SOLA makes for some erratic "signaling" when I adjust my strobe arms, particularly on night dives. I've been tweaking my setup almost on every dive, but now I was thinking I could ask for some opinons on the way I've set up my rig.
  • Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M5 with M Zuiko 9-18mm f/4-5.6 and a +2 achromatic dry diopter to improve corner sharpness.
  • Housing: Nauticam NA-EM5 with 4" WA semidome, Flexitray and M10 ball.
  • Strobes: Inon Z240 Mk4 with diffusers on 5"+7" arms. The arms are usually extended to the max when I'm underwater.
  • GopPro Hero4 Silver on top of housing
  • SOLA 1200 diving torch on a tri-clamp on the left hand strobe arm.
  • Lanyard on MP clamps on tray handles.
  • Spiral lanyard on tray, suicide clip on lanyard exchanged with bolt snap. Clipped to my left hip D-ring or my right shoulder D-ring when I'm diving.
  • Bolt snap tied to right hand MP clamp. Clipped to the right shoulder D-ring on ascent from the safety stop and on shore diving exit and entry. Doubles as a place to clip the neoprene port cover during the dive if I'm shore diving.
Unfortunately, I had to remove the hand strap from the housing when I got my 2nd strobe and the right hand tray handle. Although I like to have my housing sort of "hanging" from my right hand using the hand strap, there just wasn't room for both my hand and the strap between the housing and the tray handle. Maybe it could have worked if I didn't have to wear thick gloves, but around here thick neoprene 3-fingers or drygloves are necessary large parts of the year. I still don't hold the right hand tray handle, though, since the controls on the NA-EM5 are laid out for a hand position on the housing, not on the tray handle.

Any feedback or tips about how to tweak the setup further would be appreciated.

Tri-clamp with only two arms?

30 January 2015 - 12:24 AM

So, I went and bought a tri-clamp to mount a light on one of my strobe arms. However, I don't think I'll use the light on every dive, and on those dives I'd either run the tri-clamp with just the strobe arms and an empty place for the light, or I'd have to switch back to a normal clamp.


Can I use the tri-clamp with only two armballs, or can it be damaged by that so I should switch back to the standard clamp?

GoPro/still camera combo?

02 January 2015 - 02:32 AM

I'm not very happy with the occasional videos I get from my OM-D E-M5, so I'm considering mounting a GoPro on top of my NA-EM5. That way, I could just let the GoPro run during the whole dive, and just edit out the uninteresting parts afterwards. 


If I go the way of the GoPro, I'll probably be mounting the GoPro in the cold shoe on my NA-EM5, since I've already used the tray handle and the M10 screw mount for my strobes, and my lanyard makes it impractical to use a three-way clamp. Here's the setup I'm thinking of: http://fotografit.eu...opro-mount-kit/


Good idea or bad idea?


Nature with diver type shot - feedback?

31 December 2014 - 06:16 AM

I finally was able to direct my buddy to get one of those shots where the diver is just an element in the picture, drawing attention to the underwater life. The conditions were a bit on the tricky side, with poor light giving the camera problems locking focus, but I figured I was pretty happy with just this shot. 
Any suggestions on what I could have done differently, to work on in the future to improve this type of pictures, would be appreciated.
Technical data are found on the flickr page where the picture is hosted.