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In Topic: dust inside port

02 November 2007 - 04:35 PM

Dave, I have used lemon pledge on the inside and outside of my acrylic domes and my resin grads for a few years now and it works great. No problem with yellowing or color cast. I spray it on a soft 100% cotton T-shirt apply it and then gently polish it off completely. It makes them nice, clear, shiny and dust free. No problem with changing the optical characteristics of the dome. Some folks use pledge on aircraft canopies where you might worry about photochemical problems but it seems to hold up. Alternatively ivory bar soap and warm water with a clean T-shirt to gently dry everything works perfect to get the dust out. Another thing is that I wash my hands to remove all oil before I put them inside the dome. I would really like to have Wagsy's deal to blow off the seals of my kit after I take it out of the rinse tank. Good hunting. vr Andy

In Topic: Hard case/Carry on

27 October 2007 - 08:00 AM

Thanks. I belong to the camera bag/box of the month club and have been very happy with pelican boxes but the Seahorse SE920D has internal dimensions that are 2 inches longer 2 inches wider and 1 inch deeper than my 1510, weighs almost 2 pounds less and prcied similarly and still can be carried on. I will have to check it out.

In Topic: Hard case/Carry on

25 October 2007 - 10:14 AM

I use a Pelican 1510 with center dividers removed and wraps as a roll on/carry on. It fits under the seat or in most overheads except for small commuter aircraft. If it has to be checked at the gate the pelican can handle being drop kicked into the bagage compartment. You can fit a housing and ports in the case but it would be pushing it to get two large strobes in as well. I carry my camera gear in this case and check my entire housing/strobe system in a single Pelican 1600 with center dividers removed and wraps in their place. The 1600 pelican goes in an extra large drab looking Eagle Creek Duffle with clothes and stuff on top. All the bag and cases get zip tied or locked. So far so good. Good luck.

In Topic: Ranting

21 October 2007 - 08:36 AM

Red3, don’t take it so hard. A few years ago I attended a technical diver symposium and heard similar rants. The truth is underwater photography is a small and sometime entitled community like the tech diving community. After becoming the proud owner of a disastrous Aqua lens many years ago I spent some time on the phone from Hawaii to Canada with Aquatica employees who had purchased the company and were/are making a go of it and it helped me realize just how small the UW photography community is. I always thought that Aquatica had been a giant of the industry. Now I feel lucky that they are around at all. Making underwater housings is certainly more than having a foundry, lathe and milling machine at your disposal. I would argue especially in the US where master machinists aren't exactly growing on trees that you would not be likely to find many folks with the commitment toward underwater photography, but if you look around you will find a bigger selection of housings from all over the world than ever before that are better than anything in the past. For all their efforts none of the folks /companies I know of that make housings have their own Gulf Stream and a home in Malibu. I still take pleasure in being able to talk directly with housing manufacturers like Ikelite and get answers. Canon makes great gear and the 5D housings I have seen seem fairly decent and on the same level as my D2X housing. It’s only going to get better. In the mean time we have to baby our gear in an obsessive compulsive manner, expect occasional and expensive failures and take ergonomic improvements as we get them. Oh yes and then mortgage our homes. :) By-the-way I think the fastest most ergonomic camera set up ever made is the Nikonos III with old style 15mm lens and Sub Sea 150 strobe. I don’t know anyone that wants to go back to that though I personally miss the simplicity. At the end of the day serious underwater photography has always been a commitment that helps us appreciate those that do it really well. That's my rant and I am sticking to it. Vr Andy

In Topic: Which Photoshop plug-ins do you use?

16 October 2007 - 09:56 AM

Neat Image and or Noise Ninja
Nik Color Efex Pro Select Eddition
Currently using Photoshop CS2