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Time Sequence Images

19 February 2007 - 03:36 PM

Anyone, Perhaps this question has been posed before. I am interested in taking a time sequence of images of a horse and rider jumping a series of inline jumps with the camera sensor plane parallel to the direction of the rider and superimposing them all on to one image from start to finish so that the same rider and horse are seen multiple times in the image negotiating each jump at a different place in the image. Can this be done well with Photoshop using the "Photomerge" process for stitching panoramas or some other technique? I have seen similar images shot with a diver jumping into the water and with jumps while parasurfing. I am using a D2X and a D200 that have similar features that allow either merging of two already shot images or a multiple exposure feature that will automatically allow more than two images to be shot and combined while compensating for exposure automatically. I have not gotten the clean images that I would like using the above methods. If not with Photoshop then what am I doing wrong with the camera settings?
Thanks. vr / Andy