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In Topic: Keldan Luna 4 V LED Video Light

28 February 2012 - 06:47 AM

Thanks!!! Looking foward to read your comments!!!

In Topic: D7000 around Brazilian rivers and lakes

21 September 2011 - 09:26 AM

Thanks...I am new to video. I did a few quick edits with iMovie and upgraded to FCP X when it was released. I used the program for the first time last week. I followed a friend's advice to set the D7000 to low contrast/low saturation in order to capture the best dynamic range. It turns out that all my footage looks washed out (as expected...). When I imported then into FCP X they became vibrant and with contrast (as seen at the little FCPX preview window...). So I thought that FCP X should be doing some black magic mambo jambo and tried to fix all the color and contrast automatically. I did all the editing and when I exported the movie...surprise, surprise, the colors were all washed out again. I called my friend and he said that the little window in FCP should not be used as a color reference and that I should have and external video monitor to review the results.
I skipped the external monitor option and spend a few mornings tweaking the adjustments on FCP X to match the exported movie "look " to the one I was seeing on the preview window. So here are my color correction settings:
Saturation overall +30%, shadow exposure -10%, highlight exposure +5% and on top of that I have set gamma on compressor to 1.5
But remember that I started from a very low contrast/ low saturation clip.

I had another problem. I added a soundtrack from iTunes. The song when played in iTunes was fine. When I played it in the FCP timeline it was fine. BUT when I exported the movie there was an annoying tic tic tic tic during the whole song. I spent hours trying to fix the problem, changed songs and etc...Finally called my friend again. He said that only AIFF and WAV files worked on FCP. I said "you are wrong, I imported a mp3 file and it accepted ". He advised me to convert the file to AIFF in QuickTime Pro and add the converted file to the soundtrack. And the tic tic tic was indeed gone.


In Topic: 360 Panoramas in Brazil

08 September 2011 - 05:15 AM

oooopss sorry, you are right Tim the link was broken....

Try this one please...


Thank you,

Marcelo Krause