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Sony Prosumer and Amphibico Housing + Extras

18 April 2007 - 09:00 AM

This sale is for my camera rig, A Sony F707, 5 megapixel, prosumer camera. This was top of the line before digital SLRs and still has advantages over them. The best being its wide lens AND it also does macro on the fly. One thing DigiSLRs can not do is wide angle AND macro on the same dive.

The housing is an Amphibico Surveyor II. Amphibico built these housings specifically for the F707 and the F717. It is made from aluminum and I have had it to 200 feet. It allows access to all major camera features thru electronic and manual buttons.

Light Sensing Device [for TTL]
For use with the Surveyor 707 & Surveyor II Digital Still housing and recommended strobes to provide the best quality images by replicating TTL light monitoring. Light intensity can be fully automatic or set to 4 semi-automatic or 3 manual settings. Includes Nikonos Connector for Compatible Strobe with Nikonos connector.

Ultralight Pivot Tray
One of the most ingenious trays. I allows you to rotate the camera 90 degrees, without changing the strobes. The camera and LSD glide along a track while all you setting and positions with the strobes remain the same. The tray has 2 Ultralight balls on the top to connect arms for strobes or HID/LED lights.

My images with this set-up using an HID for macro light are up in their gallery:
http://www.amphibico...p...57183891049 2

I have had many images taken with this rig, published in magazines and annual reports and tons of websites. It does a fantastic job and I have printed them out as large as 13x19 [largest printer I have]. This is a greatr starter rig for the serious diver wanting to get into photography. It wont break the bank, but still does a fine job and it will take some time to outgrow it.

The housing does have some cosmetic wear, I did use this rig often. Nothing will remotely affect the performance of it. You can control almost all the cameras features from the electronic and manual buttons on the housing. It was serviced by Amphibico about a year ago after I pinched the door cable.

I will also include a Pelican 1520 cut out to fit the camera and accessories. I also have 2 complete sets of 0-rings, a red filter and other misc parts and pieces I collected over the years.

Only $800 + shipping and PayPal 3% - I have easily over $3000 invested in this rig, but as I said it is a few years old, but works flawlessly.

PM me your email for pictures of the complete rig.

SOLD: Complete Subal D100 Rig

06 November 2006 - 05:26 PM

Subal D10 Housing
Pristine condition w/ macro port. Also includes 2 Ultralight ball heads

Nikon D100 with housing mod
The mod is a larger mode selection knob. The old knob worked OK, but the larger ensures contact with the selection arm IN the housing, since it is friction based

2 S&S YS90 TTL Duos
Although one is finicky for some reason - it does not fire consistantly, I am sure it is something minor, just giving full disclosure

Copy of maual, and Nikon software and cables

I was looking for $2400 for the lot

It is a very clean and well maintained rig, well worth the money esp in comparison to what else is out there used. The only thing you need to shoot is arms and sync cords.

Pictures can be seen here.

edit: I also have spare O-Rings and a few other misc bits to go along with all this.