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In Topic: D500 vs D850?

22 March 2018 - 10:18 AM

Thank you for sending med the pictures Wolfgang! The D500 really has an impressive dynamic range. It will indeed be a close call.

In Topic: D500 vs D850?

18 March 2018 - 11:29 AM

Instead of opening a new thread with people missing the good posts in this one I'd thought I'd dig it up :)


Has anyone shot UW with both the D500 and the D850 by now? I've been really pleased with my D7000, but I'm tempted to spend some money before the next stock crash.

To give you an idea where I'm coming from I've only used 60mm lens with two INON wetlenses and mainly been shooting macro (I like super macro, but haven't been able to shoot it with my gear, but loved shooting Lady bugs on the last trip with my friends G7X and three wet lenses) in the traditional areas in Indonesia and Philippines. My dilhemma is I do want to be able to shoot wide angle as well and I really want to be able to make relatively big prints (base width of 100-120 cm).


Planned usage of the camera:

I believe most UW shots in the future for me will still be macro/super macro shots with the occasional wide angle dives/trips. Land wise I'd love to be able to do some proper astrophotography.


I'm sitting on the fence debating if it's more useful to get the D500 for it's magnification due to the sensor or get the D850 to be able to print big (in most cases I crop my image to get the exact composition I like). It's a lot of money either way, but as I plan to add new camera lenses, new wet lenses, a view finder etc. the difference in camera body cost isn't that much of an issues as I'll be eating porridge for a long time anyway :P. It's more about what would be the best camera for what I want to achieve. Maybe it's a case of having the cake and eating it? My fear is if I choose the D500 I will be limited with the printing (biggest concern) and doing wicked land based photography (secondary concern) and if I choose the D850 that I won't be able to get good shots of super macro. Maybe those even aren't valid fears?

All input is much appreciated.

In Topic: Sea and Sea housing experiences?

18 March 2018 - 09:02 AM

I've used the S&S MDX-7000 for a couple of years and have been really happy with it. I haven't tried any other dSLR housings, but this one has been solid with easy access to features and easily handled when I've needed to change battery on the smaller traditional boats in SE Asia.

In Topic: New Podcast Series About Diving and Photography

18 March 2018 - 07:39 AM

I liked the friendly atmosphere and good sound quality. I wouldn't mind if you have episodes where photographers during the second half of the show talk about different pictures and the reasoning behind the shot. Technique and animal behaviour to capture any shot is always interesting to listen to. Don't be afraid to let the photographer run off with the story for each picture and then you compliment with questions and remarks when they are done with their story. I think that might help with the story telling so don't be afraid of it being "one-sided" for those parts. I really liked what Serge got into with the moon cycle for some shots and would definately like to know more about when during the year and/or moon cycle etc. you can experience this or that.


Looking forward to hear more from you so keep up the good work!