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In Topic: Critique Please - I love this shot. Am I crazy?

19 March 2014 - 05:57 PM

Hi Everyone,  Thanks for your comments on my "Happy Little Puffer" shot.   They were very helpful and I was thinking the same thing myself about the background, wishing there was less of it.  Now I have some things to work on for this shot and future shots thanks to your suggestions.  I do have one thought about the use of flash in this shot and the affect of the puffer's eyes.  I wanted to keep that blue-green iridescence of this particular puffers corneas. Many of the puffers I've seen in Cozumel have that green-yellow shade and lack the iridescence.  I read somewhere that age may have something to do with it.    Would using flash change how the eyes looked?    Thanks much. Linda


In Topic: WTB - Housing for 7D

29 December 2013 - 05:56 AM

I have a Ikelite housing for the Canon 7D - 2 years old, great condition, never flooded. -$900

I also have the Ikelite  modular port for the 100mm(never used) - $200  and a 8" modular dome port - $250.

I can supply photos.

Haven't had a chance to post it for sale yet.



May be interested.  Let's chat.  mobile 5136000785.  Thx.