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Long exposure time/night dive/painting with light

12 December 2014 - 08:57 PM

Did search both the forums here, and google, but can't seem to find anything good about this...

I have a few projects in mind regarding long exposure time during night dive, and thought i would read up abit first, but... 
All i could find was some old post using film camera, and some old post about light painting/long exposures in caves, but wasn't to much good info about the subject..

Have been doing a lot of topside long exposures, northern light, milkyway, startrails and similar..... And time to take it below the surface now!

Mainly thinking no strobes, just dive lights, (maybe one or two buddy's for light assist).. and maybe the use of strobes aswell for for some of my plans..



Anyone doing long exposure times with tripod ? Wrecks, deep dives, caves, or similar ...
And/or playing with light painting underwater ? 


WTB Ikelite DS51 diffuser

09 December 2014 - 09:27 AM

Anyone have an extra laying around ?
Letter shipping to Norway is a must then.

All the commercial ones i have found, shipping is more then the diffuser.. that's just wrong :/

(Or if anyone have a good diy to fix broken "lock" on my current one, please Pm me then)

Ronni B