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few shots from Sipadan

09 April 2009 - 11:45 PM

Hi Guys,
here are few shots recently taken at Sipadan and around.

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D300 & Ike housing

23 June 2008 - 08:04 AM

Hi Guys,
I could finaly have a try my new rig. I'm using D300 and Ike housing.
I have few questions. On my previous Ikelite D70 housing I was using the AF-ON button on the back of the camera. I would like to use it the same way now, but what a surprise.... Ike had changed the AF control shaft to the standard button which can't be used together with release control shaft as you need to move your hand from the release shaft to be able to push the AF button on the back. There is still left a long shaft for the control of the AE-L button but it clashes with the other AF button if I try to use it.... Do you have any work around?
Also I have to say after first dive that the Ike housing for the D300 is not ideal. D300 has many functions set up by buttons and on the Ike housing are these buttons controled by shared control shafts... This was pretty hard to use, mainly in the dark as I didn't have idea how the shaft was oriented.
Another thing that happend to me was the sync. speed. I try to set up TTL and P mode with two DS-125. The TTL seemed to work fine but I could use sync. speed 1/1000.... I thought that the max sync. speed is 1/320. Any ideas?