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SEA&SEA MDX-D300 housing and Nikon D300 camera w/ extras for sale!!!

05 December 2014 - 11:27 PM

For sale Sea&Sea MDX-D300 underwater housing for Nikon d300 camera and Nikon D300 camera body.  The housing has some upgrades including new style rear window that accepts sea & Sea 45 degree and straight view finders ($149 value) and Deepsea top handle with attachment holes for additional ball mounts etc... and new set of o rings.  the housing is in very good condition has some signs of use but not abuse always well cared for and never flooded.  The nikon D300 body is in excellent condition 12000 actuations no dings or scratches.  



MDX-D300 housing  (w/ accessories)---$950

Nikon D300 Body                               ---$325


Both together $75 discount               ---$1200



Email me for shipping costs or if you would like to see more pictures.


Tired of waiting for the D400 is it time to switch to FX

30 November 2014 - 10:05 PM

I have loved my d300 camera but have grown tired of waiting for the mythical D400 and I am ready for a change.  I used to do more macro but have found myself now about 50/50 with macro and wide angle.  I purchased a new D7100 and housing for my wife and its nice but just does not seem to have everything I want and I have noticed a lot of people have made the switch to FX cameras like the D800 / 810 etc.   My first thought is to get a used D800E and housing to try it out. My lenses would not change much I primarily use a 105mm , 60mm, and Tokina 10-17mm so the only one I would replace is the tokina (which my wife tends to hog anyway) I would replace it with either a 16mm or sigma 15mm.  Anyway any thoughts pros cons for those who have made a similar switch.

Ikelite DS125 Strobe Head Mint nearly new condition

04 September 2014 - 03:24 AM

1 Ikelite DS125 Strobe Head in Mint almost brand new condition only 2 dives not a scratch on it appears as new.  Head only with diffuser and NiMH battery as well as original paper work  asking $350.

Lots of Sea&Sea items ports gears strobes and more!!!

21 June 2014 - 12:04 AM

Cleaning out the closet have a lot of quality items for sale for sea&sea DSLR Systems;



Compact macro port M excellent condition with front cover --$99


Compact macro port 52 excellent condition front and rear covers $99


Pair YS-120 strobes 1 is almost brand new ( less than a year old limited use) the other shows some wear with a slight crack on  adapter mount but functions perfect both include diffusers and 1 manual and box  -- $400 /pair


​Custom flat port with reef net  double subsee flip adapter --$250


Focus gear nikon 105mm (non VR) this is the gear that works directly to the housing focus knob does not need the port knobs.  $50


Focus gear/ Manual auto focus gear nikon 105mm (non VR) this is the gear that works with the port knobs.  Also the focus gear for the 17-35mm lens   $50  


all items are in excellent condition or as described glass on all ports are perfect PM me if you have any questions Thanks









FS: Nauticam Carbon Fiber buoyancy arms

10 June 2014 - 05:38 AM

For sale 2 Nauticam Carbon Fiber Double Ball Float Arms - 60 x 300mm - 2.3 x 12inch in mint like new condition not a scratch on them used for only 4 dives.  These are light weight and add great buoyancy to your rig.   These sell for $230 ($115 each) I am asking $180 for the pair.



  Net Buoyancy (g) Travel Weight (g) Net Buoyancy (lbs) Travel Weight (lbs)           60x300mm(2.3x12) Carbon Fiber Float Arm 540 260 1.19 0.57          

Innovation Underwater
Nauticam is pleased to announce the immediate availability of it's new line of Carbon Fiber Float Arms. First previewed at the DEMA Show 2012, these arms have undergone rigorous "gorilla" testing to insure they are ready to meet the needs of underwater photographers working in demanding conditions. The Carbon Fiber arm line is now in stock at Nauticam distributors worldwide. 

Underwater photographers have long battled to make their camera systems neutrally buoyant in the water; a neutrally buoyant rig is easier to handle in the water and can be operated with one hand much easier than heavier rigs. Systems that are too heavy can result in arm strain and contribute to difficultly with buoyancy of the shooter. A properly balanced rig is a lot more fun to use! 

The Nauticam Carbon Fiber Float Arm series is manufactured from a high quality carbon fiber tubing with molded plastic end caps and machined aluminum balls. O-Ring seals ensure water tight integrity and each arm includes an aluminum spine that ties the entire assembly together, making the arm stronger than one machined from solid aluminum. This robust design ensures that these carbon fiber arms will last a lifetime. 

One approach that some underwater photographers have taken to lighten the load underwater is through the use of floats made of a special type of foam that compresses less than conventional foam. While this can be a useful option, foam does have its drawbacks. Typical "incompressible" foam blocks begin to noticeably compress at 100' and by 200' have completely lost effectives, and have begun to permanently deform. Foam can also break down over time and make something of a mess. Nauticam Carbon Fiber arms do not measurably compress even at 100 meters/330 feet, and look more streamlined than chunky foam blocks. 

Carbon fiber doesn't just look cool. It is five times as strong as steel, yet weighs about two-thirds less. Lighter means more net buoyancy for the same volume. In the 60mm diameter class, for example, the Nauticam arm provides 50% more buoyancy than competitors aluminum tubing arms. The 90mm diameter arms are perfect for systems demanding even more lift. 

The Nauticam system of arms, clamps, trays and other mounting hardware allows a huge range of possibilities for arranging lighting. The addition of the Carbon Fiber Arms allows the underwater shooter even more flexibility in dialing in the exact rig desired.