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In Topic: Anyone have experience with Meikon Aluminum housing?

Today, 08:07 AM

Just to double check... This is a alu meikon housing for rx100 mk 4?


Nope, 40m/plastic, as he stated before.


BTW I am having 2nd thoughts about the Meikon housings:

#1: The Al would be interesting for me, however shipped, all taxes payed It would cost me above 800$, whereas I can get a Nauticam piece for 995 in the "local" (within the country, no overseas servicing, taxes etc...) store. Not a huge difference to risk warranty/service/parts issue. Also, this <200$ difference might come back once reselling the kit, because Nauticam is better known and I guess easier to sell.

#2: More important: The rear window concept gives me some worry: screws holding it against the water pressure:



This adds a possibility for a leak.


I think I'll rather decide between the Nauticam and the Fantasea housing.

In Topic: Anyone have experience with Meikon Aluminum housing?

Today, 07:25 AM

Alright, its dark here, so I had to adjust the exposure on some of the photos really quickly.



I've also took some photos with the camera from within the housing:


With the h100m67(type 2) screwed directly to the meikon housing port, the vignetting almost disappears by 30mm. I next unscrewed the h100 and placed some step up/down rings to simulate a bayonet adapter. results were not good. I had to zoom in ALOT before the vignetting goes away, and clearly(pun unintended), the quality and clarity of the image becomes almost unusable. In fact, I had to zoom in until it was close to the 24mm flat port without wet lens, so it renders the additional wet lens almost useless. 


This test/result demonstrates that the distance between the housing port and rear element of the wet lens also plays an important role.



As the h100 I have is a m67 type 2(rear element flush with m67 threads), I will be ordering a type 1 screw ring(rear element protrudes out from m67 threads) to see if I can get the rear element even closer to the housing glass. I would eventually like to adapt the h100 into a LD bayonet mount.


Great, thanks for shedding light on the vignetting - zoom question in the housing! I just wonder if the mkIV aluminium housing has the same geometry, I hope yes...

In Topic: Anyone have experience with Meikon Aluminum housing?

Yesterday, 03:31 PM

How tight does the lens sit behind the port glass? I am asking because i want to use wet lenses and too big spacing results in vignetting/poor iq. I would like to get the mIV, but i guess the mkIII housing is more or less the same as the mkIV.

I believe I am the first adopter of Meikon aluminium housing. I got one for my RX100III. It is well built with high build quality. Personally it is much better than any other plastic Meikon camera housings I have. Just came back from a two day dive trip in Cebu, I am quite pleased with it.

In Topic: GH4 vs RX100 mk IV for 4k video

Yesterday, 10:03 AM

What about WB with filters?

However, they might be difficult to mount on the rx100+wwl-1 system (should be put somewhere between the housing and the wwl).

In Topic: Full Frame SLR wide angle corrector port tests

Yesterday, 09:18 AM

@Adam: it seems it is as good as it can be, to make it more clear you have to filter the water around the wreck:)


Jokes apart: I suppose the bare superdome shouldn't deliver too bad here either, all 4 corners here show water, where you cannot judge sharpness.