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In Topic: Ikelite D700-What Lens and Ports?

06 February 2013 - 01:47 PM

Thanks Bill. That was a helpful site.

In Topic: Time to Upgrade: Oly OM-D EM-5 vs. Nikon D7000

08 January 2013 - 02:05 PM

Great feedback Guy,

As you have said, I am sure the Z240s are top notch, but even the D2000 3 is a less expensive option. It sounds like you have had great success with the YS-D1s, which is what I orignially was looking at. I did notice these on ebay as well, but wasn't sure about the quality or compatibility. You mentioned the strobes came with the mounts, so I still need to buy the ultralight arms.

It is funny you mention the 8mm because I was actually buying this camera for an upcoming Socorros trip, which is all larger subjects. Even though my passion is macro, I will be buying the starter options for this trip. Therefore, it looks like I will be getting the 12-50 and the 8mm with applicable ports. What port do you have for your 8mm?

Thanks again for your input. It was very helpful.


In Topic: Time to Upgrade: Oly OM-D EM-5 vs. Nikon D7000

07 January 2013 - 08:14 PM

Okay, I am sold... Definitely going to be starting from scratch though and will have to sell my Ikelite equipment. However, after reading all the positive comments, feedback and seeing the amazing pics, now I have to find a way to keep the cost down to around $6,000. Below is a list of items that I am looking at for starters, but I need to reduce or make changes.

Should I stick with the 12-50mm and 60mm since both will use the 12/50 port or should I go with the 8mm fisheye?

Any last recommendations are how to reduce the cost or final changes? Am I missing anything??

Thanks again for all the input!! I look forward to sharing my experience with the OM-D as many of you have shared your input.


Olympus OM-D E-M5 Camera with 12-50mm Power Zoom Lens 1 $1,199.99
Nauticam NA-EM5 Housing for Olympus OMD EM5 Camera 1 $1,350.00
Nauticam Macro Port and Zoom Gear Set for Olympus ED 12-50 EZ Lens 1 $800.00
$150.00 mail in rebate on 12-50 lens good until 1/27/13
LMI Sola 800 Photo Light (no mounts included) 1 $499.00
LMI Sola Photo Ball Mount & D-Ring Combo Kit 1 $35.00
Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 60mm f2.8 Macro 1 $499.99
Nauticam M67 Flip filter holder for 36161 port 1 $220.00
ReefNet SubSee Magnifier +10 1 $225.00
Nauticam Flexitray with Left Handle 1 $130.00
Nauticam Adjustable Right Handle for Easitray or Flexitray 1 $40.00
Nauticam M8 Strobe Mounting Ball for Easytray and Flexitray Handles 2 $32.00
Inon Z-240 Strobe (Z240) 2 $1,598.00
Inon Optical D Cable L Type (17 in) With Rubber Fixing Bushing 2 $182.00
Ultralight Inon Strobe Adapter 2 $49.90
Ultralight New Style Clamp (15 degrees side movement) 4 $119.80
Ultralight 5" Double Ball Arm 2 $95.90
Nauticam M10 strobe mounting ball (Current) for housing 1 $30.00
Ultralight Large Longer Clamp for use with Focus Lights 1 $34.95

Total: $7,140.54

In Topic: Time to Upgrade: Oly OM-D EM-5 vs. Nikon D7000

06 January 2013 - 07:14 AM

I greatly appreciate the positive feedback, as I have read so much about both of these cameras. It seems the constant theme is there is not a lot of difference in quality, but the OM-D is much better for traveling. Since I am traveling from Okinawa, Japan, compact is good no matter where I go. It looks like despite already owning the D7000 and knowing that it will still stay in my bag when traveling, I am leaning toward the OM-D.

This is what I am looking at, but I am still trying to keep it about $6k.

OM-D and housing
12-50mm kit and 60mm lens
Macro Port 65, which I am hoping will be the flat lens that fits both lenses??
2-Inon Z-240s
Fisheye focus light (Any recommendations that are within $300-400?)
Diopter for more supermacro shots, but I want the flexibility to do it under water (Any recommendations?)

I really want to get the 8mm or 7-14mm with the 4" dome port, but I think that is going to have to wait. I need something that I can get more flexibility from with macro until I can afford more.

Thanks for any additional input on this initial upgrade. I will be heading to Socorros in April, so I want to get this rig purchased and tested before heading half way around the world.