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#390984 Wanted: Sony PXW-Z100 in Gates Housing

Posted by nino.ten on 08 January 2018 - 07:52 AM

Dang that recorder housing is sooo pricey!!!  Hoping the new GH5S announcement in a few days has some low light capability improvements along with 4k 60 fps 4:2:2 internal.  that way i can just pick up a monitor rather than the recorder at much cheaper price.  Thanks for the lens suggesting on the sony I was actually hoping the A7S III would be announced and released before the GH5s but it doesn't look good.  Any Panasonic guys have a video lens suggestion for The GH series?  This would be video only with movement.  

Also, I can’t emphasize enough how important low light ability is in a camera. From what I have seen about the new GH5 it doesn’t have the same abilities as the Sony A7SII. Which ever camera you end up going with take a hard look at the low light. No matter what quality of 4K you get won’t make a difference if it doesn’t handle low light. Another user had some issues with color on Sony for Video. I would take a look at the Slog3 because it gives you a lot of control in color in post. Also what is the end result for your footage. Do you really need 4:2:2?

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#390374 Wanted: Sony PXW-Z100 in Gates Housing

Posted by nino.ten on 18 December 2017 - 09:15 AM

I am looking to get into a professional 4k 60fps 4:2:2 video rig.  Please help with suggestions also.  I do not have permissions to post in professional classified maybe a admin can help also? PXW-Z100_banner.jpg

Also, when looking at cameras for underwater video, you really need something that does low light well. Unfortunately the Z100 isn't the best camera for low light shooting. If you went the route with a DSLR like the Sony A7SII which does shoot 4K but at 420 then you would have to add an external recorder like the Atomos Shogun to get the 422 you desire. The upside is it doubles as an external monitor. I have shot 4K on the A7SII without a Shogun, in caves and I was impressed by the low light capabilities.
For most shooting underwater you can get away with a 16-35 lens. Sony has excellent autofocus with the Vario Tessar lens. The one draw back of course is you have to switch your lens to do macro. . Most underwater shots are the epic wides anyway and with the 16-35 you can get decent close up shots.

It is hard to find and all in one underwater video camera setup that handles macro, wides and low light all in one package. I have gone through many camera setups over the years and really enjoy using the A7SII, and Nauticam is the best housing I have ever used. If you do go this direction PM me and I can give you some tips on using the camera underwater. If you do get a Nauticam definitely get the vacuum seal.

Here are an approximation of costs:
Sony A7SII $2400
Sony 16-35 lens $1200
Atomos Shogun $1300
Nauticam Housing with Dome port plus vacuum seal $4600
Nauticam Housing for Shogun $5000.
Kraken Hydra 5000 lights $600 per

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#390372 Wanted: Sony PXW-Z100 in Gates Housing

Posted by nino.ten on 18 December 2017 - 08:28 AM

Have you considered going with a Sony A7SII with a ATOMOS Shogun. Nauticam makes an excellent housing for both and it would be a smaller rig. In addition you could have the versatility of switching to macro as well. The other avenue is getting into a RED system.

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