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#340276 Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera: Yes there will be housings!

Posted by EspenRekdal on 04 December 2013 - 01:32 PM

Wow, thanks for this. It looks like a black gem.
Three challenges with BMPCC:
1) fast wide angle lens,
2) Low light performance,
3) battery life (can be solved by Nauticam)

If size & money isn't an issue & If one to choose between BMCC 2.5k vs BMPCC, which one will win?



1) Metabones converter for BMPCC makes your not so wide nikon slr lenses into allmost the same f.o.v as APSC lenses have and increases your light transmission by 1,67 stops. Problem solved I think, but also creates the need for a way to adjust the aperture ring on the Metabones speed booster. 


2) The above takes care of some of the low light issues?


3) Easily taken care of by adding a little space inside the housing or if need be a external battery enclosure. If you don't go this route you still have replaceable batteries that last about 45 min. Not ideal, but doable.


…or am I missing something?