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Canon 5D mk II camera and Seacam housing and ports

31 January 2017 - 03:11 PM

For sale, excellent condition Canon 5D mark II and Seacam housing outfit.  This is a (nearly) complete setup including camera, housing, 2 ports, extensions and gears—all you need are lenses and lighting. 

The Canon 5D mark II is a fantastic 21mp full-frame camera.  The camera is in excellent condition and includes charger and one battery.  The Seacam housing is a fine piece of engineering and is in excellent condition.  Housing is wired with dual Nikonos strobe bukheads and has and two Ultralight balls mounted on top.  Included ports are a glass wide-angle superdome (this is the superdeep version, identical optically to the normal superdome, but slightly thicker and rated to a depth of 100m).  The port has quite a few cosmetic scratches on the lens shade only, the glass is nearly perfect (there a 2-3 extremely fine scratches which are very difficult to see and have no effect on picture quality at all—you would have a hard time finding them unless I showed you where to look).  Also a macro port that is essentially perfect—only used twice.  Also included are 3 port extensions:  25mm, 30mm and 35 mm.  Also several lens gears:  focus and zoom lens for Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 II, focus for Canon 14mm II and Canon 15mm fisheye.  Note NO lenses are included.

$3000,  Continental US only

Aquatica 5D mkIII housing and Aqua View finder

28 December 2016 - 12:01 PM

For sale, very good condition Aquatica 5D mark III housing and Aquaview viewfinder.  Housing is approximately 3 years old and has cosmetic exterior scratches and wear marks, but otherwise in excellent condition (the coating that Aquatica uses is very durable and it has held up very well).  Has dual Nikonos sync bulkheads and internal moisture alarm, no ports included.  Also has the optional ISO lever installed, two Ultralight balls on top of the handles, and factory-installed “deep spring kit”.  Included is the “stock” viewfinder, as well as the Aqua View 180-degree finder.  Finder has a few more scratches than housing, and a couple of very small scratches/nicks around the periphery of the rear lens.  The Aqua View finder is really excellent—(once you use one you won’t want to go back the stock viewfinder.)  It is my understanding that Aquatica will offer an upgrade for this housing to accommodate the new Canon 5D mark IV, but I have no confirmation of this.


Housing and Aqua View finder, original manuals and T-handle wrench:  $2200

Continental US only