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In Topic: DX-1G replace with Ricoh GX-200??

14 November 2008 - 12:01 PM

Hi Folks
having bought a DX-1G for my own evil purposes, and used it for a research trip on heron island (look for me on blogspot), I have succesfully flooded my camera.
Lesson for new players: while its a great idea to leave a silica drying packet in your underwater case, its not wise to close the hatch quickly and not check that said pillow has one edge lying across the O Ring. slowly and surely water seeps into your camera casing and kills it. dead.

Anyhoo. I dont really want to buy another sea and sea since they are
A: reluctant to sell camera without case
B: Expensive if youc an talk them into sparing a body
C: the same as ricoh GX-100 which is without sea and sea mode, a feature I have not yet used and possibly wont miss (?!?)
D: the Ricoh GX-200 is the same body (I THINK!) but a slightly larger (0.2 inch) screen

I am about 600k from any shop that I can get my paws on a camera to cross check, Can anyone confirm for me that the 200 will fit into a DX1G case. It seems pretty likely it will but its a lot of back and forth if I am wrong.


BH Photo sells a replacement camera without the housing. Unfortunately it is still pretty pricey. Here is a link to the replacement camera:


Tough break.

Dive safely